No Experience Needed! $18 To $21 Hour Work From Home Job Reviewing Orders For Fraud | No Degree

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another exciting work from home job Lead for you today the company is a game Time United they have 62 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor They have a job opening today that Requires absolutely no experience Whatsoever they are looking for a fraud Review specialist now real quickly one Thing to the note it does say remote it Does not State whether it's just in the United States but it does say their Platforms with iOS Android mobile web And desktop support events across the US And Canada so I do believe that they may Be hiring both in the U.S and in Canada But they have an app that helps fans Find extraordinary experiences for Enjoyment through purchasing last minute Tickets to Live Events these may be Games concerts all of that kind of thing And they are looking for somebody to be Responsible for manually reviewing Orders that have previously been Declined for fraud by their fraud Provider you'll review pulse positive Identifications of Fraud and assist Those fans to purchase tickets you'll Communicate with fan happiness Thickening Ops and other departments to Facilitate ticket purchases so you'll Resolve ticket purchasing issues that Are related to fraud your identify cases

Where wrong cancellations or other Undesirable situations happen for the Fan you'll document those actions of Processes and policies around the fraud Detection and ticket procurement and You'll provide information to the Dispute team to successfully resolve Those ticketing issues now a best thing About this is they're requiring no Experience and no degree it says their Ideal candidate will have strong verbal And written communication skills that Have great attention to detail and be Able to manage ovarian work various Workloads with deadlines so be a Multitasker and be able to hit those Deadlines that is it now for not Requiring any experience they are paying Fairly well they're paying anywhere from 18 an hour all the way up to 21 an hour And of course they provide the standard Benefit package of medical dental vision 401K paid time off best thing is they're Also going to provide your equipment for You all the equipment you need to get Started provided for you all right I Just want to ask that if you have any Suggestions of how I can make my channel Better things I could do differently Things I could improve on and please Leave them down in the comments below I Am looking to grow and improve and as Always if you're looking for something Specific you can leave that down there

Too I do read those thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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