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Hello YouTube family I am back with Another work from home job this company Is with um the company be late they're Seeking virtual executive assistant to Work from home now this is a 1099 remote Job I'm telling you I'm bringing you More 1099 jobs where you can set your Own hours work when you want to work and They're hiring right now for part-time Positions now they do have State high Restriction listed they're accepted Applications from all residents all States except California Montana New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania okay Now when you scroll down here they list The pay here and I think it's very Affordable the pay range is 18 between 18 and 21 an hour and you must be Available to work their business hours That's what you need to do so when you Go into details about what you're going To do is you're going to maintain Executive appointments and calendars You're going to prepare presentation in Our spreadsheets you're going to Research technology and make Recommendations you're going to also do Event planning and coordination and They're looking for someone that's Detailed or organized in efficient Trustworthy and reliable tech savvy and Quick to learn new Concepts and it also When you go down to the bottom it says Bachelor's degree and experienced worker

Remotely preferred that means if you Have a bachelor's degree it's it's okay If you don't you can still apply for the Job if you work remotely before that's Good if you have it you can still apply For the job and also available to Dedicate at least 15 hours a week and to Give you information about belay it's 100 remote leading virtual staff and Solution company so we're going to go More into details about What you get to do on the job here okay So you're gonna also do CRM Administration updates and data entry Again you're going to make travel Arrangements such as booking flights and Cars and making hotels and restaurant Reservations you're going to do project Assistance and then you're gonna assist With personal tasks as needed now the Key attributes now this is something That you need to look at when you put in Your resume you need to have a skill Section I am going to start pretty soon Having a resume so when I talk about a Job then I'm gonna say if I was applying For this job this is how my resume will Look like so to kind of give you an idea Because I want more and more people to Get a job in 2023 okay I want people to Be able to say look you know the rest of I received a job offer and I'm Constantly posting these at different Platforms that I am on and let people

Know hey there are jobs out there that People getting hired so these are some Of the skills that you need to put in Your skills section detail or organize Efficient proactive res is a problem Solver friendly and professional Communicator ability to manage multiple Priorities and meet or beat deadlines With no errors ability to anticipate the Needs of others with a strong desire to Serve those are the kind of keywords you Need to implement those into your resume Because your resume Needs to have those keywords from the Job post because you have to realize Your resume is not trying to please the Eye of a hire manager at that particular Time is trying to please the eye of at Of the ATS which is the African tracking System and basically if you take the Keywords from the job post and Implement Those into your resume you will pass the Applicant tracking system okay so once You pass the applicant tracker system The next step is to sell yourself in These interviews okay so basically this Is a really easy job and if this is Something that you're interested in Doing then make sure you go ahead and Apply all you have to do is scroll down This is because consider a quick hire Application meaning it literally take You less than five minutes to complete And you submit your application remember

I do not post fake jobs every jobs that I post are legitimate I have been Working from home ever since 2007 I know It's the ins and outs are working from Home Um I am directing you to write companies That are legitimate because when I was Working from home I didn't have nobody To tell me that this company was Legitimate this company is not it was Trial and error I had to learn the hard Way and I'm trying to help you so you Can learn the easy way of filing a Legitimate work and home job I don't Care if you have applied for many work From home jobs and you have gotten a Rejection that doesn't mean it's a scam It means that more and more people Working from home And you have to do everything you can to Stand out from the crowd so you won't Drown in the crowd that means your Resume has to be tailored to each job That you're applying for you cannot Submit a one-size-fit-all resume meaning If you apply for a data entry you're Sending a resume to vele for a virtual Executive assistant or if you apply for A customer service you send in the same Resume because you're not going to get The results okay you got to put in the Work there's a sin there is a job Looking for a job so you're going to Have to put in that extra work in order

To see results here okay and also make Sure your social media platforms are on Up to par you do not want to Um be posting things on social media Platform that is not going to line up With company values because when they Are getting ready to hire you trust me They will go to your different platforms And see what you're posting what Language you're using and if it's not Lined up with the company values they Don't care if you have all the degrees Or all the experience they will not hire You I am trying to help you get a job That's why I'm just telling you that be Careful what you post on social media it Doesn't matter what you post if you've Been on vacation or you got a new house A new car don't post that don't show That to anybody because you know you got That one co-worker that would go back And tell a tale on you and tell your Boss oh look at Susie though she she Just got a brand new car you know and The boss said oh she don't need this job Let me let me think it's a way of Getting rid of her so they'll come up With a lot and you'll be fired and and Make it so difficult for you to find Another job okay so with that being said Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name on it but you got to believe It starts with you it is 2023 y'all and

You need to come in with a great mindset You know start believing in yourself too Many times people just do not believe in Yourself okay you can't speak deaf over Yourself you got to speak life the power Of the tongue determines life and death You gotta say look I got this even Though average been rejected I may fall Down but I'm gonna get back up with Class that's what you got to concentrate Yourself you got to be pumped up and say Look I got this there is a job out there Specifically being made for me and I Believe it you got to believe it and go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs there's Plenty of work from home jobs that are Available I don't care if it's millions Of people apply for the same job God has A special job for you but you got to Believe so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Okay the information to apply is in the YouTube description bar now again I talk about multiple strains of income That is what you also hear on this Channel because I believe in multiple Strains of income you need to have an Entrepreneur mindset in an Entrepreneurial spirit that you want to Have a business where you can leave a Legacy for your children children when You're working for people working for a Company you cannot leave a legacy

Different other people I know have leave Legacy for their children where they Have business business or they have land And they leave land where it goes to Their children it is transferred to Their children children that's the what You need to get into is be a business Entrepreneur and you could do this with Bookboat and there's many things that You can do but today I am talking about Bookboat is creating low content low Content books and for those who don't Know what low content books you see it On the screen that's flight information Coloring books journals long books Recipe books and the list goes on and People are making a passive income Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books and you do not have to have Experience all you have to have is a Willing mind a willing heart and a Willing spirit and you can do this and Make anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month plus you can live Anywhere in the United States as well as Out of the country so go ahead and start This business today and we're going to Go in a little bit more details about Our book boat is that the great thing About book book is you can always always Research the product before you actually Make it to see if it sell you can spy on Your your competitors and see what kind

Of keywords they're using to implement Those in your titles and descriptions Not the copy but to be expired and when You go down a little bit further Book Boat Studio has upgraded they have new Cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million royalty free image pattern Scalables designs filtered and much more Okay and yes you're able to make puzzle Books activity books coloring books 100 Of low content Interiors where you can Mix and match Interiors to create your Your Unique Look for your audience you Know what my favorite that I like to Make is puzzle books and covering books That is what I love to do okay so Anytime that you're talking about a Business there is a pricing so if you Have a job you set job as a crutch to Invest in your business you have to be a Risk taker too many times people are not A risk taker and then they get mad at Somebody else when they moving up I feel That God put us on the same track and Said on your mark get set go everybody's Not gonna make it to the Finish Line It's gonna be some people that's gonna Crawl to the finish line so get out There and be a Risk Takers people that Are Risk Takers are the ones that are Moving up from a level a to Z okay so

That's what you have to do now the price Is 9.99 per month for newbie in 1999 per Month for pro but if you use my coupon Code which is the rest is what all in Lower case you will receive 20 off of That 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime Or if you choose the 1999 per month Pro You receive 20 off of that and that is Lifetime forever and the great thing About this platform is you could try it Out for three days for free and see if You like it and I guarantee you're going To like it and the only difference with The pro you get the puzzle creation Software included that's the only Different here and like I said when you Go to Resource and interior wizard The interior is already made for you all You have to do is pick and choose what You want decide on what your low content Is going to be and pick and choose what You want and people buy this every Single day you have a choice to do Paperback you have a choice to do Hardcover or you can do both it's up to You for the sake of the video I do eight By five by eleven I'm going to choose 120 pages and I am going to scroll and See which one that I think that I would Want to show you on that is great to do Um they have guitar tabs they have habit Trackers uh mileage log this is a great Um place I would do the mileage log so I Click on that

Again imma change this to eight by five By eleven and I'm gonna hit download Once I hit download this is my interior Right here this is what I would download To Amazon KDP if I was pleased with it And I I'm again I'm not a graphic Designer so I don't design my book Covers for my little content books I pay Somebody on Fiverr to do that for me Anywhere between five and twenty dollars And they do a good job okay so you could Do the same thing and if you're a Graphic designer then I say go for it You know get your your drawing on and Get it going and everything but this is A great opportunity you do not want to Miss the boat Um bookboat is a great place to start as Many people are doing this and making Passive income you can go on different You can Google Book boat and you can see Different people talking about how good Low content creating low content books Really is the easy thing to do I mean Elementary school elementary student can Do this and you can do it too so go Ahead and sign up today as soon as you Sign up today you you can go ahead and Start creating low content books a date Today then information is in the YouTube Description bar remember this channel is All about none phone work at home job Leads they go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time consider

Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button I would love for you to Be the part of the family and don't Forget to click on that Bell to turn on Notifications why there's two reasons Why you need to click on that Bell it's One when I upload new videos that will Give you plenty of opportunities to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They're no longer available two is when I go YouTube live you can send my loot My YouTube live streams where you can Chat with me live get your courses Answers see what I have to talk about And then also if you would like to Support the channel of become a member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is click that join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that's already a Member I really appreciate the love and Support now also check out your Community tab that is where I engage With you when I upload new videos when I Post quotes when I do Post Um whatever I think is very important I Put it in the community Tab and remember Share this channel again with everyone You know that could benefit a non-fung Work at home job lead okay I'm trying to Get up there y'all I have you see my Subscribers right now I'm trying to get Up a little bit higher and to reach more

And more people so people that are in Need of a job they can get the job but It starts with you okay so make sure You're sharing this contact content with Everyone you know that could benefit From it and remember to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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