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Foreign [Music] I hope you guys are having a terrific Tuesday it's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and stop what you're Doing Drop what you're doing because You're going to want to get your Application in for this hot high pay no Phone data entry job yes I have another One and it's with a great company called In Vitae so we're gonna get into the Details you're gonna know just how you Can get your application in you're going To want to do that before this lead gets Gobbled up okay so we're not wasting any Time make sure you hit the Subscribe Button make sure you tap that Notification Bell and have it set on all Notifications so YouTube will tell you Every time I share a job and on that Note we are ready to jump in All right so today I have a data entry Data processing job for y'all from a Company called in Vitae and this company Is in genetic testing now if we head Over to the Glassdoor account you can See that they have a pretty large Company anywhere from a thousand and one To five thousand employees they're based In San Francisco California so this one Is good for Cali and it's a U.S wide Role so you can apply regardless of what State you live in and they just talk About how they are in the biotech and

Pharmaceuticals industry so that's what This company is all about and this would Be a major resume boosting company like You know we want to have something real Nice on there so there's just so many Great things going on with this hot lead Now I felt like I was familiar with this Company like the name was ringing a bell So I went to my channel to check and I Shared a lead from them about three Years ago anytime YouTube says two years It's really been three if it says one Year it's been two years ago I shared This job in 2020 so it's great to see Like they are still doing their thing And you know it's been a while so I'm Glad that I can kind of circle back now I also want to point out that they have A lot of information on their careers Page and this is what helped me see like This is a great opportunity because they Have some really awesome benefits and They also have several other remote Positions available so if you're into Billing if you don't mind being on a Phone they have something for you if You're interested in medical records Then they also have that so there's a Lot of remote us-based positions I Highly encourage you all to come to Their careers page check out what they Have and I will put the link in the Description box below so I had to get That out the way but now let's jump into

This hot lead alright so today's hot Lead from in Vitae is a hot data Processing associate position this is Available us wide and according to the Lead itself is going to pay anywhere From 17.69 per hour to twenty two dollars and Twelve cents per hour and I would ask For this high end 22. and I checked Glassdoor you already know I did and They had one position that was close to This they had another role that was Worded differently and because it's Science that sounds like it might be Like more technical but this person Who's a data processing specialist They're making about 29 per hour so you Know with that information you can take It you can do what you want with it but That's what I just wanted to share with Y'all you can do what you want to do now Jumping on in here I'll skip through This part about the company since we Already learned about them they're Looking for people to fill their Schedule which is Tuesday through Saturday 8 A.M to 5 30 p.m Pacific Standard time so if you're in another Time zone like me you want to change Those hours to fit your time zone to Make sure they work for you so 8 A.M and Eastern Standard Time is 5 a.m and that Would mean you'd be working from 5 a.m To 2 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time which

For me is a great schedule because I Like knocking my work out early I've Worked every schedule you can work I've Worked early morning where I was Actually getting up at 4 00 am I've Started work at 3 P.M and worked into The night and then I've even done Traditional business hours but Personally I like the early morning Stuff knock it out move on which day but That's just me y'all anyway it says our Data processing team plays an integral Part in the laboratory and customer Support phase the team is responsible For accurate specimen verification and Order information entry while working Cross-functionally with multiple Departments data processing team members Will contribute to a culture in which Direct and consistent feedback can be Given and taken we encourage honest and Open communication station and Constructive feedback we rely on team Members to work with a sense of urgency And with a goal of putting Patients First in the team above the individual We prioritize transparency and Continuous process Improvement to Contribute towards the highest level of Patient care this role is essential and Required being available to support Laboratory assessioning hours which Follow a Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday schedule

Flexibility and the ability to work Overtime is required when needed by the Team what you'll do assist quality Control of patient specimens and orders Working with third-party vendors and Cross-functional teams as needed work With our recessioning and Client Services team to resolve missing Information causes data discrepancies And any other issues related to sample Or order processing using platforms Including jira and Salesforce thorough Review of new orders for accuracy Appropriateness of test selection and Missing information participate in new Product assay launches and provide input On process improvements updating Workflows and processes and needed what You bring high school diploma required Previous experience in healthcare Science data processing or related field Preferred but not required entry-level No minimum requirement some college Education science or related field Preferred but not required preferred Skills intermediate data entry Google Apps and computer skills ability to Problem solve and anticipate potential Downstream issues strong work ethic Inability to work successfully with the Team and independently passion for Patient care is a plus so you guys this Is like no experience friendly because Everything they listed was you know

Preferred and they don't throw out a Number of years of experience you need But the more of these things you can Check off the better and I'll just go Ahead and tell you this is an absolute Necessity okay I'm always telling y'all If you want to do these data entry Non-phone typing jobs you really need to Be proficient with typing Microsoft Office and G Suite G Suite is the Google Suite you know you can open up a Google Doc you can use the Google spreadsheets All the different Google stuff that they Have it's basically a knockoff of Microsoft Office so you need to be Proficient in both okay so that's just The tip of the day and so then they get Into the salary range and the benefits They talk about this position is Eligible for benefits including but not Limited to medical dental vision life Insurance disability coverage flexible Paid time off Spring Health Care Fertility participation in a 401K with Company match that's the free money Y'all and it says espp and many other Additional voluntary benefits and Vitae Also offers generous pay leave programs So you can spend time with your new Child recover from your own illness or Care for a sick family member and this Is where they give the range and then Down here they say please apply even if You don't meet all of the what you bring

Requirements noted it's rare that Someone checks every single item it's Okay we encourage you to apply anyways And I tell you all this all the time Like you want to check off as many boxes As you can but you don't have to be a Perfect fit it's just when it comes to The hard requirements the things that Companies say you absolutely need to Bring these those are the things you Definitely have to check off so since a Lot of these things were preferred okay Check off as many as you can to be Competitive but then you know go ahead And get that application in even if you Know every box isn't checked and the Application down here is super simple so You can apply with LinkedIn or you can Apply with the application that they Have here and you see it's really quick So I know y'all are about to shut this Down but don't be tempted to just submit Any old resume remember you always need To customize your resume that's why I am Offering right now a one dollar set Seven day trial for my resume and cover Letter software it's called the remote Resume Builder and it's super easy peasy To use and I love it because you can Easily customize your resumes okay you Can kind of see in this little Demonstration video how it works you put In your information you don't have to Worry about formatting or fiddling with

Microsoft or you know wherever you're Making your resume boom it spits you out A resume that is going to get through The ATS you know the applicant tracking System and it's going to you know be Easy on the eyes to read okay and then You can do the same thing with your Cover letter and what makes this so Amazing is you can just go in you can Duplicate the same resumes and cover Letters that you've made and you can Easily customize them without starting From scratch so you can get this right Now for one dollar okay you can try it Out for seven days make unlimited Resumes and cover letters and if you Want to keep it it's only thirty seven Dollars per month okay lots of folks use The remote Resume Builder and they say It works very well so you can too all Right so no excuse for not having a Customized cover letter and resume so if You like this hot lead go ahead and get Your application in ASAP and of course The submit application button is right There but that's not all folks you're Going to want to get your application in In a bunch of other places it's a Numbers game so that's why I have my Free Mega list of jobs on my website There are 485 companies on this list that will Hire you to work from home so you can Look for other companies that are also

Hiring for data entry or data processing And we have the direct link to their Careers pages so you can go there and Put in applications in a secure way and A lot of folks are finding opportunities That aren't advertised on the job boards By coming here because not every job is On the job board words so this is how You can cut through the competition and This is how folks are landing interviews And getting hired all right that could Be you too and then lastly you need your Home office set up in order to work from Home so in my Amazon storefront I have Some of my top picks and I have Economical pieces of equipment so that You don't break the bank getting Yourself ready to work from home I'm Always pointing out these computers okay You guys like these computers 56 hearts And people have told me like this does Just what I need it to do if you need a Just what I needed to do kind of Computer you want to clock in make some Money clock out I recommend you know any Of these okay but if you're on a budget Then this one will suffice okay this Runs Windows 10 Pro you get the wired Keyboard and mouse and a 19 inch monitor If you want dual monitors they got that For you too okay and you can even get a Headset from my Amazon storefront and You know I'm a Logitech lady I like me Some Logitech my favorite headset from

Logitech I think it's this one I think That's the one that has like the Bendy Mouthpiece okay so for under 200 bucks Or right at 200 you can get your headset You can get you a computer and then of Course if you want some other Accessories then I have everything that You can think of for your home office in My Amazon storefront so the link for my Amazon storefront will be in the Description box below along with a link To the mega list of jobs and of course The one dollar trial for the remote Resume Builder software and the link to This hot lead for a data processing Associate position from in Vitae so Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope this has been helpful and I will Talk to you soon bye Foreign

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