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Hello hello what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome let me help you switch from An office job to work from home today I'm sharing with you guys a no interview Instant hire work from home job that is Available in over 130 countries and this Is through the company appin as you can See here work that can be done anywhere In the world and they have a lot of Part-time flexible jobs and these Include different projects micro tasks And survey and data collections I see a Lot of the micro tasks work and as you Can see here work you can start right Away everything will load onto your Dashboard after a couple of days so I Think that is amazing once you process Through and fill out all the information You will have one test job that is just To make sure that your setup everything Is going correctly and then from there You will see loaded new tasks and jobs They do also have have different Corporate jobs that you can apply for as Well as language jobs and you can also Download the app I prefer to do it on a Desktop but that's just me you can also Do it on your phone so I want to pop Open here another screen and kind of Work through one specific type of job With you right here they have the search Engine evaluator so all you need for This is a smartphone and a personal

Computer you'll be asked to download the App to complete the work so for this one You will need a phone or an iPad that You can access the application and you Have to commit at least 10 hours per Week but you can set it on your own Schedule so nights weekends middays Etc So what to expect when you register for This specific role you need to create an Account fill out the profile which will Take five minutes study the provided Guidelines which be at your own pace and Then pass a three-part exam which is a Little more expensive one to two hours Based on the guidelines that you've Studied for this jobs specifically you Are making informed decisions about Websites web pages music videos songs Images maps and other data and rating Them for accuracy completeness and other Factors so essentially type in probably Keywords into the search engine and kind Of evaluating what pops up Um based off of that specific search and Reporting back if it actually matches The topic at hand so it'd be like if you Typed cat videos into the search bar and Then a bunch of videos of other animals Like Elephants or monkeys Um came up in the search you would be Able to go and say oh there's actually No cats in this and remove it or report Back so it could be removed and updated A lot of these tasks start at minimum

Wage rates but they do go all the way up To 30 to 50 dollars just depending so That is something to keep in mind but if You would like the link to apply for This website I will have that on my Website which you can access in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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