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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another non-phone work from home Job lead this one requires absolutely no Interview at all this is one of those Side hustle jobs that you can just sign Up for you take a little quiz and then You get your status that you get to Working and making extra money so this Is one of those that has a more flexible Schedule you log in and work when you Want to to make extra money so it's Something you can work in between a Full-time job this is unfortunately Right now for my United States folks Only but the company transcription Hub They are hiring remote home transcribers So it is very easy first you register For free using this a big link here and Once that you register you will then Take a test or quiz based on the Evaluation of your typing skills you'll Be rated either gold silver or bronze And so your rating is how much money you Get paid gold ratings or the higher Level skill sets and you will get paid More than silver or bronze so once you Take the test and get your rating you Will log in to the transcriber Marketplace and start taking jobs and Then once you start taking jobs you type Those jobs you transcribe the files that You hear you turn them in and then you Get paid now they do pay monthly through

PayPal all right if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me remember sharing is always Caring so if you found this job lead or Any of the job leads that I share Helpful please give this video a thumbs Up like button that gives me direct Feedback that it was helpful and please Share with your friends and family so we Can all of our healthiest happiest the Life of working from home and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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