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Hey guys it's Suzanne happy Friday hope You're getting ready for a fun weekend But before that I have a fun no Interview no phone job now this company Has kind of had mixed reviews uh some People really like it some people have Had some criticism so we're going to go Through all of that but working for Appin is a way for you to earn a little Extra side hustle cash this is not going To be a full-time income this is going To be fitted in your schedule when you Have a couple minutes to do a task and They're going to pay you to do that task So you can do this from anywhere in the World apparently and if you want to get More information you're going to click On that little red and white Arrow there Once I give you the link they offer some Part-time flexible jobs they are looking For people from all over the world to Participate in some of the many exciting Work from home opportunities these Opportunities range from simple surveys That can be completed in less than one Hour to two ongoing projects that last For months or longer leverage your Social media interest mobile device Savviness your college degree in Linguistics online research skills or Passion for images video or audio with So many diverse projects chances are They've got something for you okay so You can go ahead and fill out an account

You are going to have access to projects Which qualify for longer term or Part-time opportunities micro tasks Where you can start working right away And survey and data collection simple Tasks such as surveys or record your Voice with your mobile device so you can Choose any one of those and apply it Sounds like they do have some longer Term jobs possibly I imagine those are a Little bit more tricky to get but if you Have the skills you probably can do it So how you're going to apply once you Click on that little arrow it's going to Take you to the screen you're going to Complete the form that best suits your Needs and someone from their team will Be in touch with you now these guys are On LinkedIn they have several jobs Posted at any one time so you can go Check them out on LinkedIn and you're Going to put your first name last name Phone number email the role you're Interested in there will be a drop down There and then if you're on LinkedIn I'd Put your LinkedIn URL there and what Would you like to talk to them about I Mean you can put I'm interested in micro Tasks I'm interested in Project work etc Just whatever you think that you are Interested in now let's get into some of The reviews because the reviews are kind Of all over the place on indeed they Have some one star some three stars some

Five stars so it really depends on the Person who's doing the review and Probably the job that they're doing so Here's an example of a five-star review Good Side hustle this is a former Employee from Seattle back in September With Google analytics appin is a Contractor where you work on per project Basis you will not get rich as this is Mostly side Hustle but all the same it's An interesting and fun one at that Pros Work from home at your own Leisure cons No benefits just a side hustle so again Just want to point out this is going to Be side hustle income doesn't sound like It's going to be full-time income now Here's an example of a three star rating Can't make a career out of it not a Place to make a true living there's no Guaranteed work it's very rare to get Selected for one of their gigs and there Seems to be no way to really know what To do to get selected for these Positions Pros are work whenever you Want cons our job selection is sketchy At best all right so they pretty much Said the same thing they gave different Ratings but they almost kind of said the Same thing that you're not going to be Able to make a lot of money at this job But if you're the type of person who Doesn't mind making a few bucks here and There and when you've got the time then This may be a great choice for you so

I'm going to go ahead and put that link Down Below in the description for you And tomorrow I'll be back with another No interview job so make sure you come Back for the that and I hope you have a Wonderful Friday evening see you Tomorrow

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