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Happy hump day two chicks fam it is me Carl I hope you guys are having a Fantastic day if you are new here make Sure you subscribe like the video and Share the video we give away laptops on This YouTube channel and we're giving Away 10 more brand new laptop computers Absolutely free just make sure you take The video and share it with a friend or On your social media platforms be sure To come back though and leave us a Comment don't forget guys to go back and Check out all five videos that I dropped On the channel yesterday make sure you Guys hop on over to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni interactions and scroll Down and look for tell us both of these Guys are work when you want and skip the Interview make sure you check them out Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job side hustle or gig You guys are looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys let's get Into the video so so I've talked about This company before they recently had a Data entry job now they have a chat job Now the company is Latin America Bearish Dev I think that's how you say It so they're looking to fear their Customer service rep chat agent work From home position so it says about the Role we are looking for a customer Service rep to join our team and answer

The company's chat system it says Availability to work in the following Schedules and they do have them listed Here Monday through Friday what you'll Do you'll be connected to our chat System during the working hours you will Answer all the persons connecting to our Chat system getting the relevant info From them perform extensive searches on The web to find leads and companies Contact info upload data of new leads to The system database and the marketing Spreadsheet you will forward info to Other teams such as the recruiting HR Etc of people who connect to the chat With questions now you must have three To five years of experience as a data Entry or sales agent experience and Sales support roles this is desirable Little detail-oriented and deadline Driven ability to work automatically and Remotely methodic and able to follow Processes and you must have advanced English level it says 100 remote work Excellent compensation well above the Market average extensive opportunities For growth and professional development Thanks to our mentoring system now this One guys it is posted on the non-phone Blog I would be sure to leave a link Right below the video in the description Box where you guys can check out this Company and I do believe they provide Equipment I saw that somewhere on their

Website so make sure you guys go over to Google do some research know something About the company guys just in case you Get an interview you want to be prepared And not surprised so again the company Is various Dev and they're looking to Fear their customer service rep chat Agent work from home position this is a Full-time job non-phone I will be sure guys to leave a link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can apply make sure you Share my video somebody out there is Looking for a legit work from home job And you just might be that person to Help them out don't forget to hop on Over to Facebook join us kiss that Cubicle goodbye follow us on our two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page because guys we are doing A lot of giveaways on these platforms so Make sure you are following all of these Platforms and if you are looking for More jobs chat jobs data entry customer Service tech support be sure to join the Group KISS that cubicle goodbye because A lot of jobs posted in the group may or May not be posted on this channel we may Or may not have even talked about these Companies because there are so many and We're finding new ones each and every Single day so make sure you join kiss That cubicle goodbye on Facebook follow Us on Instagram two chicks with a side

Hustle because on Instagram guys we are So close to 10 000 followers and once we Hit that number there will be another Giveaway so make sure you hop on over There on Instagram and follow us my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye [Music]

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