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Good morning it's Suzanne happy Monday Today I have a data entry specialist Position with the company Full Steam now This is a part-time opportunity a lot of You have left me comments saying that You are looking for part-time work from Home jobs as well and so this is going To be a great fit for those of you who Have done that now this is a total party Planner catering software that's easy to Use all in one web-based catering Software solution they that is what this Company does and they are in need of a Data entry specialist to assist with Putting in their clients data into Excel They will provide documents to copy and Paste various items categories prices And costs descriptions into an Excel Spreadsheet so pretty easy job here you Literally are going to be just entering Data into spreadsheets this opportunity Does require communication with the Success managers however this is really Like a no phone job because you're not Going to be talking to customers on the Phone receiving inbound calls making Outbound calls things like that it's Going to be more of like a desk type job And they want to make sure that you Ensure accurate data entry in a timely Fashion if you feel you'd be a good fit For the position they'd love to discuss It further with you so here are the Primary responsibilities again you're

Going to enter data into the appropriate Fields very easy straightforward Position here you're going to create and Organize spreadsheets so probably having A little bit of familiarity with Excel Is going to be helpful summarizing Compile data for standardized reports View and verify confidential or private Customer client info verify data by Correcting correctly checking and Comparing Source docs organizing paper Formats paper backups and material Source files and this is a part-time Position with hours based on business Need supervisory responsibilities you're Just going to oversee the completion of Your own data entry projects and provide Whatever additional assistance they need So main basic qualifications extensive Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite Particularly in Excel of course you're Going to have to know how to use Excel Because this is all data entry in Excel Strong attention to detail able to Quickly and accurately type and enter Data Knowledge of touch typing system Preferred excellent communication skills In-depth understanding of databases all Right so again if you've had any kind of Data entry experience you're going to Easily qualify for this position if You're looking for part-time work then This might be a good fit for you so I'm

Going to go ahead and put the Instructions to apply down in the Description for you I wish you all the Best of luck and I'll see you all next Time

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