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Hey everyone it's Suzanne happy Thursday Today I have a remote work from home Position for you with the company daily Transcription now daily transcription Does have a good reputation for being One of the higher end paying Transcription companies they're very Flexible they pay weekly so I want to Tell you all about this job in case You're interested so let's get into the Details daily transcription provides Services to entertainment corporate and Legal Industries as well as to academic Institutions some of the benefits of Working with them is flexibility again You get to create your own schedule work Where and whenever you want assignments Are paid weekly where most pay bi-weekly Or monthly and they pay higher rates Than their competitors like rev Transcribe me transcription puppy Scribby and many more they you're going To receive training feedback and Coaching collaborate with like-minded Others and learn from the best spend More time with your family while you Earn extra income for your household and While they don't guarantee specific Amount of work per day or week their top Transcriptionist can make anywhere Between 350 to 950 dollars per week now If you've been following transcription Jobs you know that that is definitely at The higher end of the pay scale now they

Have three different jobs they offer They offer a transcriptionist a Captioner and a Spanish transcriptionist Now that transcriptionist position is More entry level you don't need any Experience to start that application so Let's take a look at that job so here's The main requirements you must be 18 Years of age or older you must reside in One of the countries below and speak and Write Native American English so there's A list of all the countries so this is Open U.S and internationally to some Countries if you don't meet those Criteria your transcription test will be Rejected now you are going to take a Transcription test you will not have an Interview in this job also as a Transcriptionist you don't have to talk On the phone to customers most of you Already know this because you've applied For transcription jobs but just wanted To say it just in case after you Complete the application an automated Email with the instructions for testing We'll be forwarded to you from a no Reply at so make sure you check Your spam folder you can contact them at HR with any issue Submitting the form so you're going to Put in your first name your last name Your email address where you're located That includes anywhere in the US and Let's see if we have some other

Countries in here as well we've got Canada United Kingdom Australia Mexico Ireland Netherlands and New Zealand You're going to tell them a little bit About how you heard about this Opportunity You're going to attach a resume there if You have any kind of transcription Experience make sure you have it on your Resume but again as you saw this is more Entry level they didn't say they needed Any kind of experience to apply for this Position they're mostly going to go off Of that transcription test that you take If you can do the work on that test then They're going to consider that you are Experienced why would you like to work With the daily transcription go ahead And write 200 to 500 characters below And make sure you say something nice About the company make sure you show That you know a little bit about the Company and why you think you would be a Good fit for this job after that you're Going to hit that submit button and then They're going to send you that test for You to take so I wish you the best of Luck on this I am going to put the Instructions to apply down in the Description for you again so that you Can go and check out this job lead if You want to and also so you can find This page easily I'll see you all in the Next video

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