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Hi guys it's Suzanne back with your Second remote job lead this is a call Center quality analyst Now call center Quality analyst typically listens on the Phone for the uh to determine the Quality of the interaction between the Agent and the customer so in this Position you would be listening to Customer phone calls to make sure that The agents for the company are handling The calls according to the policy in a Professional way and and in any other Criteria that's lined out for them so Indeed salary guide says that they pay Anywhere between 36 and 46 000 per year And a little bit about this rule the Primary responsibilities of the role Include performing routine quality Audits that's listening to calls Preparing scorecard reports that measure Individual staff performance metrics That you're going to write down notes Off the calls about how the agents can Improve and provide up coaching to Billing so self-pay and cash posting Representatives what they're saying is You're going to coach people on how they Can perform their calls better going Forward so the main responsibilities You're going to perform daily call Account or transaction reviews you're Going to use quality monitoring data Management system to compile and monitor Performance at the team and individual

Level prepare monthly narratives for Management including gaps and service Level goals and training recommendations You're going to provide coaching to Representatives on overall account Resolution identify and document Operational concerns report compliance Risk to the supervisor maintain Relationships with staff management Teams once per quarter develop and Present one knowledge session on a topic Relevant to hrg perform regular staff Observations ensure staff and Leadership Inquiries and concerns are responded to Within 24 business hours so additional Responsibilities they want you to Consistently demonstrate top-notch Communication skills display a passion For for Creative problem solving and Maintain a thorough in depth knowledge And understanding of the hrg procedures Other requirements or qualifications They would like you to be proficient With data entry and multitasking Excellent communication skills strong Collaboration and people skills ability To give feedback sometimes negative Excellent critical thinking ability to Work independently and in a team Environment comfortable designing and Delivering small and or large group Training and responsible and reliable And accountable so minimum three years Experience in health care is preferred

Possess general knowledge of healthcare Terminology competent level of Experience and knowledge in Microsoft Office able to sit reviewing Documentation for long periods able to Work under stressful circumstances and Be able to work for various teams and Work in various client systems alright If you're interested in this position I'm going to go ahead and put the Instructions down in the description on How to apply for this position otherwise Guys I hope you have a wonderful evening And I will see you tomorrow

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