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Happy Sunday everyone my name is Teresa Sweat and I am back with another work From home job this is a non-phone work At home job lead as well as this company They're looking for full and part-time Position they're hiring immediately no Degree is required so if you would like To listen and see what this job is all About let's go ahead and dive right into It okay now we're talking about the Company okay they're Currently seeking full-time and Part-time remote positions are available For you to work from home the pay is Between 19 and 46 dollars an hour Depending on turnaround time they do Offer flexible hours where you can pick And choose when you want to work and Then they also offer connection with Some of the world's English the top English proofreaders okay now some of Y'all may try to understand what is a Proofreader so I went into Google and I Google all of this so a proofreader Basically is you going to review text uh Our art typically prior to publication To recognize any fix any errors Proofreaders typically review websites Novels marketing materials social media Posts and other reading materials okay Now some of you may ask what skills do I Need to be a proofreaders and here it is The skills and knowledge is to be thrall

And pay attention to the details Knowledge of English language excellent Convertible communication skills the Ability to use your initiative the Ability to work well with others Excellent written communication skills You have to have determination and to be Flexible and opening to change now as You can see on the job record the job Post it didn't it didn't say that you Have to have any experience so whether If you entry level beginner still apply For the job anyway so when you go down Here it talks about you know again of Course what is the role of proofreading It tells you about that and then how to Become a proof readers Um this is what you can do or what to Becoming proofreaders is you have to Understand the proofreading role Identify your Target proofreading jobs Practice proofreading Market yourself And continue to develop your resume okay It tells you all about that so anytime You are looking to advance up in any job And you don't understand some use Google As your friend and you will find all of This here Um it's a lot can you take courses for Free there's different places that you Can go online to take things for free it Lists online proofreading classes Through skillshare I'm also proofreading Power basic udemy they do offer free

Courses in order to for you to get to Where you need to get also I wanted to Let you know too is that when you do Proofreading there are also free tasks That you can go in and practice all of This here and it is with Charter Institute of editing and proofreading They do offer a little free little Sample tests that you can test yourself On a lot of things just to go through it A little bit and you can see it on the Screen it's punctuation uh language use Spelling phrases connection you can go Check that out as well as here's another One um that you can go and practice for Free Um in order to get your uh proofreading Up to where it needs to be so if you're Interested in applying for this position All you need to do is Click right here Where it says apply to be an online Proofreader and it will walk you through Step by step on what you need to do to Get started now if you are looking for More work from home jobs than a Non-phone work-at-home jobs or jobs that You can hire immediately and offer Flexible hours consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button And subscribe don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notification so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified 5 and that would give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead

And apply for these jobs before they go Like this these jobs move very quickly And I want you to be able to get these Opportunities to go ahead and get this Job okay so go ahead and hit that apply Button right now and apply for a job now Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but you got to believe you cannot Get this encouraged it's a lot of people Out there so negative and always want to Talk you down on applying for a job okay These jobs are hiring immediately okay I Always reach out to hire manager and They'll hired and how will you know if This is not your opportunity if you just Don't go here and apply for this job you May be looking at this and say look I've Never done proofreading before It's okay they have entry level position As you can see Um they really didn't give you that much Description about the job then he said You have to have Um BE intermediate or Advanced it didn't Even say you have to have a degree you Go ahead and take advantage of these Type of jobs proofreading is really Really easy if you catch punctuation and Spelling Um all the time then this job is for you But you have to have that mindset Everything starts in the mind okay what You feed in your mind is what comes out

Meaning if you say I can't do this Nobody's not gonna hire me I'm not fit For this job then it's going to bill in You and you're gonna always think that You're not you're not gonna believe in Yourself but when you speak life over Yourself and you say look I got this I Can do this I don't care what people say I'm gonna go out there and be a Go-getter and I'm gonna get this job Then you're gonna go high in life the Power of the tongue and I always say This because it is true the power of the Tongue determines life and death you Gotta Speak Life over yourself you got To put yourself around people that have Your best interest if people not Uplifting you and not encouraging you Words let them go don't let them stay in Your life I'm not saying to hate anybody You have to learn to love those type of People in distance because they will Never get it so don't be around people That don't have your best interests I Want to make this YouTube channel all About Positive Vibes that means braining Positive advice to everybody that needs It because a lot of people don't get Positive Um Vibes in their day-to-day lives They're around so much negativity people Are putting them down constantly so I Want you not only to give you this job But I mean tell you about this job but I

Want to encourage you to tell you to go Out here and apply for this job today Because you have it there is a job out There being made for you but again you Got to believe you got this if anybody Don't ever tell you I love all of y'all You got this keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you you gotta believe you Have to believe if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will also go out There today and grab what it's yours by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I always talk about having a Backup plan I believe in having multiple Strains of income I believe not only in Seven but I believe in eight multiple Strains of income and it's not greed it Is preparing and planning okay it's Preparing and again it's all about Preparing and planning you have to plan You just never know what's can happen Too many times people get so complacent On their jobs people been on a job for Two to three years or even six months And they just don't want to look out you Know elsewhere you still have to apply For other jobs you still have to go out There and pick up side hustles in order To build your Empire just in case if Something goes wrong on these different Jobs okay some of these jobs they will Let you go in 10 seconds and I want you To be prepared and that is with book

Vote for those who don't know what book Boat is as you can see on the screen Right here right behind me that was Flashing these are journals law books Diaries puzzle books coloring books that You can make through Book boat and Making passive income if you do your Research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and you Could do the same but again you got to Put in the work what come easy won't Last and what last one come easy but This is a great easy business Opportunity that you can do where no Experience is required you can work Anywhere in the United States and you Can work out of the country and you Don't have to be a graphic designer to Do this anybody can do it Elementary can Do it let alone a middle school in the High school and there is no age you can Do this okay so when you go down here Again low content books are journals law Books Diary books cookbooks whatever you Can think of you can go on Amazon and You can found these low content books to Kind of give you an idea about what the Book entails okay now when you go down a Little bit further here the great thing About bookboat is you're gonna always Research the product before you actually Make it and see what's selling and then You can look at their keywords and kind

Of you know look at that and trying to Put that in your titles and description Not the copy but to be expired also to Give you an opportunity that bookboat Has upgraded they have a new studio Where it's cover creators interior Designs drag and drop editors complete Customization a thousand over a thousand Two hundred plus free Fox more than one Million royalty free average image Pattern scalables designs infant filters And much more okay now again you're able To make puzzle books activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Materials to create unique books for Your audience and yes people buy these Books every single day okay every single Day people are buying these books here Now when I go to Resource and interior Wizard I do not have to make my interior For me it's already done okay now if You're a graphic designer and you're Able to do it you can but this is your Interior okay there's so much that you Can do you can mix and match and you can Make it your own okay so for the sake of The video I'm gonna do recipe books but You can choose to do paperback or Hardcover always do paperback eight by Five eleven I do 120 Pages if you watch The video Once you sign up they have Different tutorial videos if you spend An hour a day looking at it you'll

Understand everything you need to go Ahead and get started so when I hit Download this is my interior if I am Very pleased with this I will add more Things on here I will download it to Amazon kdb again a lot of people ask Where can you sell this at you can sell The course on Amazon kdb you can sell it On your own website there is free social Media platforms out there that you can Promote this as well as you can sell it On pay hips and I'll there is many Places that you can sell this on okay Don't never let nobody talk you in Saying that you cannot make a passive Income because you can okay people do it Every single day when people are so Negative they're talking about the Things that they may try for maybe one Day and they gave up but the pricing is Very affordable you have 9.99 per month For newbie in 1999 per month for pro but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of sweat all the lower cases you'll Receive 20 off the 9.99 per month and That's lifetime or if you choose 19.99 Per month for pro you receive 20 off of That and that is Lifetime the great Thing about it is you can try this out For three days for free and see if you Like it I guarantee you're gonna like it And the only difference is with the pro You're getting the puzzle creation Software included so if this is

Something that you want to do make sure You go ahead and sign up today that Information is under the YouTube Description bar once you sign up today You can go ahead and start creating low Content books and upload it to Amazon And start making your money today okay So go ahead and do that today now Remember make sure that if you would Like to receive more work non-phone work At home job leads that companies are Hiring immediately Um no degree is required and they do Offer flexible hours make sure you Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button And don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on all your notifications so every Time I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunities to go ahead and apply For these jobs before they go like this If you would like to support the Channel All you need to do is click or become a Member of the channel you can click the Join button right here there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel okay Shout out to everyone that's already a Member I really appreciate you so much And make for sure that you're watching The videos because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first

Second third job even a side hustle okay So keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you but it starts with your mind you Gotta believe if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay you've got This I believe you I love all of my Subscribers but if you subscribe to the Channel or not I love all of y'all thank You so much for watching and I'll see You in the next video bye

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