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Hi everyone it's Suzanne today I have a Work from home job for you as a Proofreader it is with the company Mastery prep it is fully remote and in This job you will get paid to edit and Proofread content now they are paying Starting out 25 dollars per hour in this Position and Mastery prep is an Education services company that Specializes in college entrance exam Prep it is a fast growing organization And one of the leading providers of ACT SAT and tsia2 prep serving hundreds of Thousands of students in over 500 Schools and school districts across the Country the company is expanding its Line of products and is looking for Talented editors who can proofread Content and test the user experience for Students and teachers in online Platforms if you're interested in Working for an education company that Primarily serves under resource schools And districts and or are seeking Freelance work that pay case well Consider joining them you will proofread Question items lesson chapters and other Descriptions and instructions and online Platforms depending on the assignment Content will be available in either PDF Google Drive Dropbox or PowerPoint Compare multiple sources of content to Ensure that the material is identical Navigate through online platforms that

Are in active development and test out The user experience some examples of What this could look like is actively Participating in a self-guided lesson Submitting a full-length practice test And verifying the answers and Associated Skills are accurate clicking each Available link and or watching each Available video to ensure there are no Bugs or obstacles in the navigation Process you'll accurately report issues Through a ticketing system maintain Quality and consistency of style in all Content produce revisions on all work as Necessary prior to the completion of the Assignment and communicate regularly With the managing editor in regard to Deadlines feedback transparency on work Progress so in this job you're not going To have to talk to customers on the Phone it is primarily editing and Proofreading content so it's a great job For introverts their requirements are Excellent communication skills which With a strong command of the English Language and grammar rules because of Course you're going to be proofreading And editing English accurate description Of errors and changes in clear edit Tracking able to follow deadlines and Produce quality work with a prompt Turnaround typically one to two calendar Days familiar with using and have access To the following an internet connection

Zoom conferencing slack messaging access Will be provided Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Gmail Dropbox Adobe Acrobat Screen capture and or screen recording Software preferred but not required test Prep experience High standardized test Scores in an education background are Prioritized or preferred experience in Quality assurance user testing and other Quality control positions are preferred But not required if you would like to be Considered for math content exclusively Please provide evidence that Demonstrates your qualifications alright So they have some benefits here all Contracts contractors will be paid Assignment and only on completion Assignments are compensated at a rate of 25 dollars per hour the hourly Investment is typically two to four Hours and is established at the time of Assigning by the managing editor so if You're interested in looking further Into this role I'm going to put the Instructions to apply down in the Description for you you can go ahead and Check that out and I wish you the best Of luck

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