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Today's job lead has so many perks first Of all it's open to U.S and International candidates you can set Your own schedule for what works for you There is no interview and you don't have To be on the phone best of all it's Right from your home hey guys it's Suzanne and today I have a no interview And no phone work from home opportunity For you this is a job that I do share With you from time to time it is with and I share it With you because they are always hiring Now they hire either full-time or Part-time remote positions there's Actually two different jobs you can Apply for there's an online proofreader Which is the one I'm going to show you Today but there's also an ESL tutor so If you are someone who speaks English And knows how to teach people who speak Spanish to learn English then they also Hire for that as well so hires part-time and Full-time proofreaders who demonstrate Superlative proofreading and editing Skills you are welcome to apply from any Country so a lot of you are from are International and you want to apply from Other countries this job you can do that Here are some of the benefits of working For competitive Pay ranging from 19 to 46 dollars per Hour depending on the turnaround time

With the highest pay for the most urgent Deadlines now this is one of the highest Paying no interview jobs that I share With you most of the other ones are Definitely lower on the pay scale so This is a great one if you can get in They also offer flexible hours you can Work when you want right from your Living room in any time zone or any Other place you want to work from you Can work from a Starbucks or whatever it Is great colleagues you can connect with Some of the world's top English Proofreaders and if you want to apply You can hit that apply to be an online Proofreader they're going to give you a 20-minute preliminary test below 1 one Thing I want to share with you though is As soon as you click on that link it Starts the timer so I already clicked in There I was looking at some of the Questions and it's definitely questions Where you have to proofread a sentence In English and you might have to know Whether or not you need a period or a Question mark at the end it's it's Questions like that they want to make Sure that you have a really good Understanding of English grammar but That test does start as soon as you Click on that link so make sure and be Careful when you go to take that test Alright guys if you're interested in This position I'm going to go ahead and

Put that link Down Below in the Description otherwise I will see you all Back on Monday with my two remote work From home job leads have a great weekend

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