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Hey guys what is up welcome back to my Channel or if it's your first time here Hello and welcome this place is right For you if you are looking to make the Switch from working in an office and you Want to start working from home you want A remote job you don't want the commute Also I post uh side hustles you can do For money some extra cash especially With the holidays coming up as well as Ways of just making money on your own Terms I got you the the goal is to be Financially secure and that is the Content I provide here on this channel If you are looking to do that do not Hesitate click that red subscribe button Below give this video a thumbs up leave A comment and say you're ready you're Here you want to get started and let's Just dive into today's job lead this is A customer service representative Position through thermocote Inc 19 to 29 Per hour and it is full time I'm going To skim through for the sake of keeping This video brief if there is something That I do miss that you want to know More about go back read on your own time But for the collective I want to keep it As concise as possible I don't want you Guys sitting here all day just listening To me talk so for this customer service Rep the essential duties build rapport With each customer listen to their Requests and inquiries you will retain

Policyholders who inquire about Canceling auto policies through open Listening negotiating policy review you Will escalate anything to the Appropriate team if necessary you can Identify understand and interpret the Customer's needs that way you can Implement resolutions make wrecks and Coverage or make Wrecks for coverage Enhancements you understand aspects of Billing systems identify and communicate Transactions and impacts make alternate Payment arrangements with the customer Utilize the tech systems effectively and Efficiently including desktop call Center specific phone systems and the Internet and you support and participate In the office or Department programs and Contests which that kind of sounds fun a Little conscious I love a little healthy Competition and you can perform Additional duties as assigned so what Are they looking for you to have have to Qualify you for this job a high school Diploma or equivalent required you have Excellent written and verbal Communication skills on the phone email And instant message you are diligent and Detail-oriented you can critical think And analyze and solve problems you can Manage multitasks shifts gears to react To Urgent scenarios and meet the daily Deadlines you're proficient with the Basic computer operation ability to

Learn a new software as a user you can Learn and apply experience with vending Platforms and experience with Microsoft Office Suite is required so that's going To be word excel I mean PowerPoint all Of the Microsoft Office Outlook programs The benefits here 401K with matching Health dental and vision and life Insurance a flexible schedule PTO Tuition reimbursement and you get to Work from home the schedule is Monday to Friday no nights possibly weekends and You can earn bonus pay commission pay And a signing bonus and it's an ongoing Need to fill this role so they're going To to be multiple positions open if this Sounds right up your alley you want to Apply you can find the link to do so on My website work from home with cc.com Job leads that will be in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there Click by face on the Screen to apply if you have not already And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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