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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great back with Another Jack for you and this one right Here is going to be a no experience Entry level and no phone job so Everything we love in a job okay so We're gonna go ahead and get into the Details of this job with the company Meteor education and unfortunately this Job does not have a direct link so when You go to the description bar you will Have to scroll all the way down until You see this job I hate that I always Like to provide you guys with direct Links but this one does not have that And if you come to the video and you Scroll and you don't see the job on the List anymore then unfortunately that Means that they've received enough Applications okay but this job right Here you're going to be a system support Data processor it's full time not high On the pay scale 17 an hour but again It's entry level no experience needed For this one and you will be Implementing all supplier management Data changes that impact the internal Resource Network and enter an update Priceless information and Enterprise Resource planning systems you're going To also enter and maintain cost rules

And Erp and enter new specification Information into Erp to ensure item Cards are available and accurate you're Going to ensure web series and Associated deadlines are managed to Final implementation onto the website And timely creation and maintenance of Web series Erp for display on the Website you're going to ensure correct Contracts are available and accurate and Accurately reflect the complex contract Pricing structures within Erp you're Going to assist with miscellaneous bids Or strategic sourcing projects as needed And you only need a high school diploma Or GED be able to work independently be Able to prioritize and communicate Effectively excellent attention to Detail and they want you to be able to Use Microsoft Excel Adobe Acrobat and Have web searching skills okay so here's The application for this job right here Of course if you're interested in Applying check out that link in the Description bar make sure to leave any Questions or comments below and as usual I thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you on next video good luck to Everyone who applies for the job

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