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Happy Tuesday everyone my name is Theresa swag and I am back with another Work from home job today's video I am Going to be talking about jobs that are Hiring immediately so make sure you hop On the bandwagon and get these type of Jobs because these jobs don't last that Long and also talking about these jobs That no experience is required and no Degree so we're going to go ahead and Dive right into the job okay so we're Talking about to come in acquire they're Currently seeking data entry operators To work remotely here okay now this is a Staffing service and there's nothing Wrong with starting off at it as a you Know working as a staffing service Because I've done it before you can go In and you can go from temp to earn It'll happen to me even though it says California Um I reached out to hiring manager and They said still apply anyway if you Don't live in that state this is a six Month contract and again this is a W-2 Job that offered benefits and this is The pay between 18 and 19.40 per hour on a W-2 and then when You go down here you can always contact The recruiter if you need to talk to the Recruiter you can contact her and then Your responsibility is you're going to Read Source documents such as Council Checks sales reports or bills and inner

Data in a specific data files are on Tape or desk for entry using keyboards Or scanner you can also compile sort and Verify the accuracy update before it is Entered and you're going to locate and Correct data entry or report them to Supervisors now the requirement is you Have to have the ability to work Independently and manage one time you Have to have the ability to actually Document and record customers clients as Well as previous experience with Computer Applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel remember in a couple Videos I showed you Microsoft 365 where You can go in and learn Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint all of those for free And then you need to have a speeding Accuracy data entry test may be required Again I told you about official typing Test where you can pass your type of Test your dating entry uh which is 10K 10 key is data entry that information is In the YouTube description thus far so Make sure you go and practice your Typing and this job only requires a high School diploma or GED is required and I Say is no experience because it's zero To two years related experience okay Zero to two years of experience that is A beginner friendly work at home job as Well as no experience is required for This job here and again you can always Reach out to the recruiter if you have

Any questions you can do that as well And again this is a staffing service This is a contract work that is tend to Last for six months but it can go longer If you if it needs to be all you have to Do is go in and do a great job and you Will get this job again my job I started Off as a team and if you're interested In this job all you have to do is Click Right here where it says apply now Now I want to leave some encouragement Words with you you know are y'all ready To talk Um I know that y'all looking at these Jobs some of y'all are looking at it Even though it's a easy job like daily Entry you're still saying to yourself That this job is I don't have the Experience I not go get this job Don't have that kind of attitude because When you have that kind of attitude You're not going to get that far in life You have to speak life over yourself the Power of the tongue determines life and Death okay you have to keep pushing you Have to keep applying you cannot give up Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs okay don't look at It well it's only six months and all of This if you go in and you do a great job They can hire you within six months Because again that's what happened to me I've done temp jobs where it's supposed To last for two weeks they came and said

Well we want to hire you immediately we Want to hire you on primarily and it can Happen to you I want to sit down and I Want to talk to everybody I wonder Whether if you have a full or part-time Job stay-at-home moms housewife uh Full-time workers do you have a backup Plan that is my question Um a lot of things I'm in different Groups and I see a lot of things that go On if you're a stay-at-home mom okay Stay-at-home mom our housewife I am Talking to you as well is that you have To have a backup plan I get it I stayed At home before and took her my kids and That is a beautiful thing and even Though I was staying at home I didn't Have any income coming in at all but I Wanted to take care of my kids because You cannot trust people everybody with Your children that's including people You know and people you don't know in The midst of you working from home I Mean staying at home taking care of your Kids you need to pick up some kind of Side hustle to have extra cash because Remember I tell you all the time people Stay in abusive relationships and they Don't have the funds to get out they Stay hoping that somebody something goes Down where it frees them and that is not Living people like that control now I'm Talking to people that have a full-time Job a part-time job

Supervisor like that control same thing About your spouse when they think of it A good example is people everybody have Children if they don't have children They're around kids their nieces and Nephews you remember when they're babies You got to feed them you got to change Their diapers they can't do anything for Themselves and you're happy but the Minute when they grow up were they able To feed themselves you know put their Clothes on do everything for themselves You feel some kind of weight and that's How it is with spouse where they're the One working in the woman that's staying At home they don't have any income Coming in that some men or some spouses Love that control where they can tell You how to spend when you just been Where to spend and the same thing on the Job a job love that control where they a Supervisor they do the hiring and the Firing if you don't do what they tell You to do they will fire you they like That control but the minute when you Have a backup plan where you have a side Hustle and that supervisor want to fire You you not worry about it because You're like I have another job in your Mind you're saying I have another job Or if you find me that job pay more Money and I'm gonna still get my bills Paid and the same thing about when you Married and you have a spouse and he

Gets to that place or whoever she gets To that place where they don't want to Give you any money you still said look I Have this side hustle money I can buy Some of the things that I need to do Okay so that is why I'm telling you this Because I'm in a couple of groups and I Read about a stay-at-home mom that been A stay-at-home mom for 11 years and her Husband decided that he would he was Tired of her working and staying at home Taking care of the kids and she had to Go back to work and he said if she Couldn't find a job then you was going To divorce her so she was like I've been Working from home for 11 years I don't Know what I'm going to do so I'm just Telling you situation comes up similar To that I've been a stay-at-home mom and I admire stay-at-home moms and some Stay-at-home dads out there because you Do a lot it's a lot that you sacrifice In order to take care of your kids and That is a great thing because why kids Or children are blessing from the Lord So you do what you need to do and God is Going to give you more than what you Lost but again in the midst of staying At home always have a backup plan it all Means necessary okay just in case if Something goes down you have something To take care of yourself and take care Of your children and be able to get out Of abusive relationship if you need to

Okay if people have reached out to me And told me you know what they're going Through and can they help them can I Direct them to a great side hustle so They can have money to get out of the Relationship and I tell them hey this is The jobs that you need to you need to Always apply constantly every single day You can't just apply one time and call It a day And expect for something to happen you Got to keep applying every single day Sometimes you got to fill out an Application multiple times in order for It to work but you got this keep pushing Keep applying and don't give up and also I want to say if this video has been Helpful so far consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button And don't forget to click on the Notification to turn so just in case Um you can turn on all your Notifications so when I upload new Videos you'll be notified and that will Give you plenty of opportunity to go Ahead and apply for these jobs because These remote Jobs go just like this They're gone and I want you to be able To get these jobs here and remember to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you but You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by

Applying for these jobs okay now I want To talk about book I'm not talking about Book boat a lot in these videos but this Is a great side hustle side gig Opportunity to make passive income again I am trying to help you I don't want you To fall short and with I made tons of Videos about bookboat if you do your Research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and a Lot of you might be asking Um what are low content books low Content books are um Diaries journals coloring books coloring Pages all done in Book boat and the Great thing about it I'm doing it myself So I'm not just talking I am walking the Walk I'm doing this and I'm learning Every single day because I do believe in Multiple strains of income not seven but Eight you can always research the Product before you make it and see if It's selling that is the best thing to Do as well as you can spy on your Computer juice and see what kind of Keywords that they're using and Implement those in your titles and Description not to copy but to be Expired and bookboat has upgraded again They have cover craters interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free fonts more than one

Million royalties free image pattern Scalables designs filter and much more And yes people buy these books every Single day don't let nobody talk to you And say oh you're wasting your time now You're not wasting your time there's a Saying if what kind of easy won't last And what last will come easy so you will Have to put in the work now again you're Able to make positive books activity Books coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience now anytime you're talking About a business there are pricing and I Believe it's very affordable in order to Move up you got to be a risk taker That's a straight up you got to be a Risk taker and the price is 9.99 per Month For newbies in 1999 per month for pro And the only difference is with the pro You're getting the puzzle creation Software but if you use my coupon which Is the rest is what all in lower case You receive 20 off the 9.99 per month at This lifetime our future is the 1999 per Month you'll get 20 off of that and for Lifetime and the great thing about this Platform you could try it out for three Days for free and see if you like it I Guarantee you're gonna like it so once You sign up you can go ahead and create Create these low content books and you

Can start downloading them on Amazon KBB Um Etsy any free social media platforms As well if you have a website you can Download these and sell them and make Passive income but again you got to put In the work what come easy won't last And what last one come easy so make for Sure you go ahead and sign up today the Link is in my YouTube description bar And remember my channel is all about Non-fun work and home job eat they go Out every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time So if you're looking for a work from Home job or you're not on the phone you Have landed on the right channel Consider subscribing to the channel Don't forget to click on that Bell to Turn on notifications all notifications So when I uploaded videos or even if I Decide to go YouTube live you'll be Notified and if you would like to Support the channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is hit that join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that is a member Of the YouTube channel I really Appreciate you and don't forget to check Out the community tab that is where when I upload new videos I post it in there When I do polls or when I do quotes I Post it in there and that's my way of

Um connecting with all of my audience Because I love all of y'all so that is Where I do but I'm Gonna Leave This with You is to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up and don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs There is a job out there being made Especially for you so go out there to And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs and watch the next video that Is appearing because those companies are Still hiring there's lots of work from Home job leads that you can look at to Watch the next video that is coming Either down below or up up here so go Ahead and check that out and I will see You in the next video

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