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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this one Right here is coming from the company Cargo Matic okay they're currently Looking for a fright payment specialist To work full-time in the U.S and this is Going to be in their accounting Department so you already know I'm gonna Get straight into the details this job Does have some pretty good pay so with This shop right here you're going to be Interpreting invoicing and other Documents from outside companies to Reconcile with internal systems this Includes maintaining statements of Accounts for assigned carriers and Collecting required documents from Carriers you're going to audit Freight Invoices making sure charges have proper Approval and research and resolve Carrier discrepancies and past due Amounts you're going to perform account Reconciliations with the ability to Handle large sets of data and handle Basic issues and problems under direct Supervision while escalating more Complex issues to the appropriate staff And you're going to work closely with Cross-functional teams you will need to Possess strong knowledge of logistics Concepts supply chain terminology and Drainage operations best practices and

Have a minimum of one year of Port slash Drainage operations experience that's Required they want you to be analytical And be able to analyze complex Situations have a solid understanding of Basic bookkeeping and accounts payable Principles and strong Microsoft Excel Experience and the ability to create Pivot tables as well as vlookup formulas A bachelor's degree in accounting or Finance is a plus it is not a Requirement okay and this job is going To pay between 55k and 70k of course That's going to depend on your location And your skills and experience and Here's the application for this job Right here if you're interested in Applying for this job check out the link In the description bar you guys know That I appreciate you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys in my Next video good luck to those who apply For the job

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