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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl I am Back with a data entry work from home Job if you guys are looking for more Data entry jobs be sure to hop over here Check them out on the non blog let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For be sure to smash that red subscribe But turn on that Bell notification guys Make sure you thumbs up the videos and Make sure you share because on this YouTube channel we give away laptops and We are giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers absolutely free to you Guys we pay for everything so go spread The word tell a friend be sure to come Back leave us a comment don't forget Guys to check out that live stream that We did last night we talked about 10 Bank jobs 10 companies that are hiring Right now and these are banks so make Sure you guys check out the video make Sure you share don't forget to check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel today and also guys hop over to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you Apply for Omni and also don't forget to Apply for a tell us and don't forget About branded surveys this is an easy Peasy survey site people here guys are Making up to fifty dollars in a day the Link is in the comments let's get into

This video so the company is called Lee Hedgeh Harrison or LHH and we've talked About this company before now it says That the position is for their Re-mediation specialist however I think It's more so geared towards data entry Because it says here that they're Searching for a contract data entry Specialist to work remote East Coast Hours now the position will start in December and you will be working this Position till next spring so June the 9th 2023 the pay rate is 17 to 21 an Hour now you must pass a criminal Background check and a credit check the Job duties are as follows you will be Responsible for providing data entry Support research and Remediation of Customer account data individual with Will execute routine data reviews data Entry data deletion tasks by collecting Reviewing and amending predetermined Data points from online and mobile Platforms you will review documents to Determine accounts needing remediation And address by researching internal Systems and or customer Outreach Individual will be responsible for Reviewing info to ensure accuracy and Compliance in all documentation and data That is needed to update accounts data Collection could include phone and email Communication with customers to solve The issues now for this one guys I do

See high school diploma two plus years Of experience in data entry proficient Computer skills including the Microsoft Outfits exhale outlooking word excellent Oral and written communication and Organizational skills able to work in a Fast-paced environment multitask Flexible adaptable to change and able to Work with minimum supervision so this One is on the non-phone blog there will Be a link posted right below the video In the description box so you guys can Check out this company and apply make Sure you guys go over to Google type in The company's name and do some research About the companies just in case you Guys get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprised so again the Company is Lee hedgeh Harrison they are Looking to feel their remediation Specialist or data entry position the Page 17 to 21 an hour East Coast hours You will start in December and it will End in June of next year and you must Pass a criminal and a credit check Criminal background check in the credit Check so keep that in mind when you Apply for this job make sure you guys Share share share make sure you leave us A comment hop over to Facebook join join Join join the group KISS that cubicle Goodbye follow us over on our Facebook Business page and it is two chicks with The side hustle because guys we are

Giving away two additional laptop Computers over on that platform so go on Over there start following us and start Sharing whatever you see posted or you Can tag you can that's the good thing About Facebook if you have a Facebook Account you can tag your friends and Family members on the post that is a Form of sharing then you want to follow Us on Instagram Tick Tock and Twitter Two chicks with a side hustle now on Instagram we are doing a pop-up giveaway So make sure you guys share us on your Stories or put us on some of those reels That I see a lot of people on there Doing now make sure you guys are sharing Leaving us coming so that we can put Your name on that giveaway list my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video

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