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Thank God it is Friday happy Friday two Chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with The non-phone data entry work from home Job but before I jump into this awesome Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this channel we do Real giveaways and we are giving away Laptops and they are absolutely free to You guys all you have to do take my Video go share it put it on Facebook Share it on Tick Tock tell a friend Invite your people to the channel but Make sure you come back though and leave Us a comment down below don't forget Guys to go back check out all the videos That were posted on the channel Yesterday we dropped four videos on this YouTube channel make sure you guys go Back and check those out also hop over To the two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you guys Apply for Omni interactions they are on A hiring spree also scroll down look Under where it says recruiter reached Out and apply for it tell us tell us is Also on a hiring spree they are looking To hire 200 plus people for their Non-phone skip the interview online data Analyst position don't forget guys to Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to sign up For Branded surveys let's jump in so the Company is called integrated resources

And they're looking to feel their Full-time data entry clerk work from Home position so let's scroll on down it Says that the job description 100 remote You will be 100 remote are there any Specific location requirements I don't See any are there any time zone Requirements I see that they're asking For people to be in CST or EST and it Just say it's preferred so if you live In the other time zones you still can Apply for this job I do see here that You will be performing tasks within the Required time frames according to client Policy and procedures establish and Maintain data entry for documents and For projects develops implements and Maintains timetable Matrix work plans to Ensure timely and successful task Completion prepares and submits task Update reports reviews documents for General application information accuracy Provides confidential administrative and Clerical support to directors in a Professional helpful and a positive Manner I do see here guys required Experience I see high school diploma or Equivalent two plus years minimum Experience in a clerical position Preferably Health Care related Experience with data entry of Alphanumeric info comments for suppliers Since offers will be extended after 116 Please ensure your candidates have their

Own equipment now so you will have to Provide your own equipment for this one It is posted on the non-phonework at blog but I will be sure guys to Leave a direct link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can apply for this job so again the Company is called integrated resources And they are looking to feel their data Entry clerk to work from home position And it is non-phone so make sure you Guys do some research about the company You want to be prepared and not Surprised make sure you share my video With your friends family members or Anybody that's looking for a legitimate Data entry job because guys I run into Scams each and every single day on Facebook there are so many people Getting scammed and so many people Looking for non-phone data entry jobs And they just cannot find them so help Us out guys share this information on Your platforms your social media Platforms but be sure to come back Though and leave us a comment we're Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers and they are absolutely free Make sure you guys hop over to Facebook Join us kiss that cubicle goodbye also Guys make sure you follow us on our Facebook business page and it is two Chicks with the side hustle guys because We're giving away two additional laptop

Computers on that page so make sure you Come over there share share share tag a Friend tell a friend do all of that good Stuff but don't forget to leave us a Comment somewhere and if you tag them That means that you are sharing the Information last but not least don't Forget to follow us on Twitter and on Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle now on Instagram guys we are so Close to 10 000 followers and once we Reach 10 000 we are going to do another Giveaway so we did a giveaway about a Week or so ago we gave away Two hundred dollars worth of gift cards I had to think for a second because We've done so many giveaways across all Of these platforms so we gave away two Hundred dollars worth of gift cards make Sure you come over there and follow us It is two chicks with the side hustle we Are right around nine thousand seven Hundred and forty six people so guys you Still have time to share we're trying to Get to ten thousand on Instagram my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye You too

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