NON-PHONE Work From Home Job Responding To Social Media Posts | Estimated $58,000+ Year | No Degree

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with yet another non-phone Work from home job lead this one Involves responding to different social Media posts and comments we're gonna Dive on all into it just know the links To everything that I share are always Linked In the YouTube description box Below this video in case you want to Apply straight to these jobs today's job Lead is from the company clearlink now Clearlink has two different sides of Their business one side is their Enterprise service where they have a Performance Based marketing and sales Solutions for companies the other side Is their digital media side which they Have in-house Brands and digital media Publications the digital media side is What this job is for but on this page They go through all the employee perks About work working remote work-life Balance they do offer benefits such as Wellness programs 401k okay but if you Keep scrolling down they are hiring a Digital brand specialist now this is Remote for my United States folks only But even though the job title sounds Very sophisticated they're looking for Somebody to reply to Brand engagement Related social media consumer post on Twitter Instagram and Facebook on behalf Of their client Partners so you'll have To make sure you adhere to client

Specific social media Playbook and Guidelines that they have for you you'll Also maintain a consistently high Standard of brand responses as well as a Productivity in the day-to-day role you May also be tasked with researching Locating and potentially engaging in Timely and brand appropriate shareable User generated content to recommend for Reposting on the social media sites so You're not actually creating that Content yourself you're looking for Content that's already created that you Can and share and repost you're also Going to be reading these posts and Comments finding opportunities to create More personalized consumer influence Engagement replies and content you'll Look for Consumer Trends in real time And evaluate those four opportunities They want you to kind of locate and Support news jacking opportunities Basically looking for the content that's Already out there posted on social media Regarding the company and then you'll Look for trending hashtags and different Things like that looking for Opportunities to don't want to say steal But basically take that content share it Repost it all of those things now they Are not requiring any kind of college Degree for this position just a high School diploma that of course they do Need somebody who is fluent in Reading

Writing and speaking English somebody Who is a grasp on grammar punctuation And spelling they don't want mistakes in Their post you gotta have excellent Written communication skills they do Want somebody who has one to three years Of experience leading social media Communities a high level of Understanding of digital channels like Social media networks messaging apps a Web-based chat Community forums news Sites review sites things like that of Course they would like somebody who has Some customer service experience as well And at least some experience working With Google Suite programs or Microsoft Office like word excel all of those Things now thank you of so so much for Everyone who responded to my poll about Estimated salaries they did not list the Salary for the position in the job Description that will have to be Discussed at the time of the interview I Did look on Glassdoor and just remember This is just an estimate based on what Other people who have worked here said They make in a digital brand specialist At clearlink makes anywhere from 58 000 Dollars on the low end and can go all The way up to eighty thousand dollars a Year all right as always if this job Lead was not for you that is okay please Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for I do read those

And keep that in mind when I am Searching for job leads to share thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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