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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Friday Evening it is me Carl and I am back with A non-phone 17 an hour easy peasy work From home job but before I jump into the Video please be sure to subscribe to the Channel like the video share the video On this channel guys we talk about legit Work from home job side gig side hustles Really anything you guys can do to make Money all from your computer the legit Way and we also give away laptop Computers on this channel we will be Giving away 10 more once we reach a Hundred thousand subscribers make sure You guys go tell a friend go spread the Word be sure to come back leave us a Comment down below don't forget to check Out all the videos tan did an overnight Job and I know some people are looking For overnight companies be sure to check Out the video guys hop on over here to The two chicks blog be sure to look Under the spotlight job section it is Two chicks with the side Apply for um the interactions make sure You guys let us know in the comments What type of work from home job you're Looking for and be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments section let's jump into the Video so the company is called coativity And I talked about this company a few Days ago well this position guys it came Back up on their board so I thought that

I would come back on here and talk about It share it again with you guys in case You missed it the first time so they're Looking to feel their transcribers Temporary full-time remote position now It does State here guys that this role May convert to a regular full-time role In 2023 as business needs evolve so keep That in mind when you apply for this one They are looking to hire several Full-time temporary transcribers to Transcribe portions of Health Plan Member responses to the ivr or the Interactive voice response system it Says that the cause including but not Limited to satisfaction survey responses It could be medical conditions Prescription drug names and Member-centric information so that is a Great thing the pay again for this role It is 17 per hour now you will have to Transcribe recorded audio from phone Based interactions guys complete Strategic transcription marking projects As requested you will report member DNC Request to the transcription manager Escalate member reports of Adverse Events to the appropriate pmsc as Necessary I also escalate negative and Or life-threatening comments to the Appropriate pmsc as necessary complete All responsibilities as outlined Complete all special projects and other Duties must be able to perform duties

With or without reasonable accommodation Now the qualifications for this one I do See here excellent written oral Communication skills ability to type at Least 50 words per minute accurately now If you cannot type those 50 words per Minute I would say practice practice Practice because as we all know practice Makes perfect and you guys can all go Over to and if that is Not the correct website please email it But this is a free website this website Has helped me out in the past a whole Lot to improve my typing skills so guys Practice on your skills and you can get Up to those 50 words per minute now if You have excellent listening skills Ability to work independently with Minimum supervision ability to work Under pressure with time constraints Proficient with Microsoft Word Excel Outlook and Internet Explorer now I do See here a bachelor's degree is Preferred however guys it is not Required if you have knowledge of Spanish or Healthcare experience both of These are just a plus us so don't be Discouraged if you read this on their Website still apply for this job anyway If you don't have the knowledge of Spanish because it is just simply Stating it is a plus if you do if you Don't it is okay so make sure you guys Share share share be sure to look under

The video in the description box for the Link and I will post it there make sure You guys go over to Google type in the Company's name do some research because We all know sometimes these companies Will ask what do you know about our Company when was the company founded who Is the founder the CEO or the CEO of This company and you want to know that Information so that you can be prepared And not surprised so make sure you guys Go over there to Google jot down some Information about the company and then Apply make sure you share my awesome Video somebody out there guys is looking For a non phone transcriber 17 an hour Work from home job and you could just be That person helping that someone out so Make sure you share tell a friend all of That good stuff and then you want to hop On over to Facebook and you want to join The group KISS that cubicle goodbye and Then guys you want to follow us over on Our business page it is two chicks with The side hustle because we are giving Away two additional laptop computers and They are absolutely free so make sure You guys hop on over there start sharing That platform we are trying our best to Get to 100 000 followers on that page so make sure You share make sure you tell a friend And make sure guys that you tag your Friends and family members on the

Content as well and then what you want To do guys you would want to follow us On Instagram because on Instagram we're Doing a pop-up giveaway so come on over There it is two chicks with a side Hustle you you can tag your friends your Family members or you can create a story Or a real put us in your stories let Your friends family members know your Followers know about legit work from Home jobs because somebody somewhere is Looking for a job that they can do from The comfort of their own home my name is Carol thank you guys so much for Watching and listening to the video and I'll catch you guys in the next one bye YouTube

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