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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time it is that time of year again The yardy Matrix rent survey where they Mass hire thousands of people to work From home remote it begins in 11 days January 3rd of 2023 which I cannot Believe it's almost the new year that is Crazy so let's dive in to getting Involved in this so the already Matrix Is formerly known as Pierce Iceland they Are founded in March of 2000 and Essentially what this company does is They call different apartment complexes All across the US you play the role as a Potential renter and they get rated Based on how they answer and respond to The questions about their apartment Complex like how much is it how much Does it pay can I schedule a thing how Does this go you know different it's Almost like an audit so you do need a Computer and a telephone because you Will be obviously making calls and Documenting everything you will ask some Simple questions about their apartments And process requiring good telephone Etiquette and a pleasant demeanor so You'll be playing the role as the renter Each survey team member must have a Minimum of 75 surveys done the first Week and 100 surveys each week Thereafter calls must be made between 9 A.M and 6 PM within the surveyed time

Zones and you can read right here they Have to be marked done so you can't mark Them partly done they have to be marked Done you will be paid six dollars per Hour which sounds very low it is but Then a piece rate of 50 cents for marked Done surveys and 30 cents from our wrong Number surveys 20 cents for surveys Marked part done and seven cents for Surveys marked answering machine no Answer you will receive at least minimum Wage in your jurisdiction so if you Don't hit whatever your minimum wage is Through all of this then that legally They are able to pay you your minimum Wage let's say you're doing this it's Six bucks an hour but your minimum wage In your state is 15. regardless you will Make 15 no matter what but it gives you You an opportunity to obviously make More kind of like commission based if That makes sense so you will be an Employee of Partners Personnel on a Temporary assignment with the Arty Matrix and while the surveys are simple To conduct a commitment to accuracy and Thoroughness is required so you're going To email a copy of your resume to this Email I suggest you do it now because Right after Christmas is when they're Going to be back at their inbox Reviewing everything probably the 26 to The third second third to get you set up So you don't want to miss that so I will

Have a link to this full page in the Description box below if you would like To apply for it definitely check it out If this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've also Posted check those out you might find a Better match for yourself there my face Is on the screen so you can subscribe And never miss an upload and I will talk To you guys in my next video bye

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