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Hello everyone and welcome back to my Channel in today's video I am back with Online typing jobs that I would like to Share with you so make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because I am giving you valuable Information I am going through a resume Like if I was applying for this job this Is what I will put in my resume so make Sure you go ahead and watch the videos All the way through okay so we're gonna Go ahead and dive right into it okay so I'm gonna move myself Um a little bit down a little bit Further here I'm gonna move myself over Here we're talking about the company Exam works okay they're currently Seeking data entry Associates to work Remotely okay even though it says California you can still apply for this Job even though if you don't live in California as long as you're in the 50 States you're eligible to apply for the Job here okay and basically what it does Here It gives you information about the job What are the responsibility again this Is 100 remote a candidate must be Available to work 8 A.M to 5 p.m Pacific Standard Time Mondays through Friday and The great thing about this company this Company will provide your equipment they Will provide office phone screen Keyboard mouse virtual desktops will be

Provided and when I go to Glassdoor I Always go to Glassdoor to kind of get an Ideal about what is the salary of this Job and as you can see the estimated Total for a data entry at exam work is 18 per hour so that is where I get that Information from so you can be aware of How much the salary is going to be and If you have a lot of more experience They will pay you a little bit more okay Now When you go in a little bit further Basically when you look at the duties You're going to gather organize and Prepare a source document for dating Entry into the appropriate system Database you're going to review data Enter against the original Source Document for accuracy and correct any Data entry errors on our duplications And then you need to maintain Confidential of all personal uh Personnel and financial information at All times and in accordance with HIPAA Regulations this job only requires a High school diploma now to give you Information about exam work okay when You go down here a little bit further it Kind of tells you a little bit about Exam work or you can go up here and it Tells you about Um who exam work is exam work is a Leader provider of independent medical Examination peer reviews bills reviews

Medicare compliance record retrievals Document management and related Source Okay so we're gonna go ahead and dissect The job a little bit more So we can kind of get an understanding About Um what you're going to be doing you're Going to enter both Alpha and numeric Data from Source documents into the Proper system database now anytime that You're doing data entry you need to Practice your daily entry get your Keystrokes up Um there is a free place called official where you can go and Practice your 10 key tests so if I click On this this will take me to the Daily Entry you have a choice to do full 10 Key tests which is numbers and symbols Or you can do the ZIP code test which is Numbers and only but you need to go Ahead and practice again this is free to You and when you go down a little bit Further you're gonna perform other Various clericals such as sorting filing Emailing and proofreading as required And when you go down here these are the Qualifications they want you to be able To know Microsoft Word Outlook Excel and The internet if you don't know Microsoft Word Excel you can go to Microsoft 365 There are free videos that show you how To do word excel oil PowerPoint in less Than three minutes and you'll be able to

Get to go again they're looking for Someone that to be able to type 40 words Per minute you can use official typing And practice not only your data entry But your typing as well Um they're looking for someone that can Stay focused and concentrate under Normal or heavy distraction as well as Must be able to work well under pressure Or stressful conditions if this sounds Like something that you're able to do Make sure you go ahead and apply this Company do offer benefits as you can see Medical Vision Dental paid time off and 401k plan so if this sounds like Something that you're able to do then All you need to do is Click right here Where it says apply for this job online Okay that's all you have to do is Click Right here so I'm going to leave some Encouragement words to you before I Actually go into the resume and show you How to tweak your resume to pass the African tracking system Is like I always say keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it I get it A lot of people don't understand why Certain people are getting jobs and You're not again there is a job being Made for you okay so you have to just Stay in the race some of y'all are Almost at the finish line and you just Want to give up you know

Um you just got to keep applying keep Pushing keep telling yourself I got this In 2023 this is my year you know Rejection is a part of life and you got To understand the way to success you get You cannot take the elevator you have to Take the stairs that's going on looking For a job a remote job or starting a Business you got to put in the work and Once you put in the work you're going to Reap the benefits so keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there for you but you got to believe If you don't believe in yourself guess What nobody else is going to believe in You so go out there and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs I Believe in you if somebody else don't Ever tell you I believe leaving you you Got this okay now I am going to show you How to tweak your resume to tailor to a Job because that's very important your Resume is going through a system called The applicant tracking system where it Is looking for certain keywords it's not Trying to impress the human eye it's Trying to press the applicant tracking System so in all of my videos I'm going To show you if I after I get through Talking about the job post I'm going to Tell you if I was applying for the job This is how my resume will look in order To tailor that job in order to get you Know um you know my resume passed the

Africa tracker system and then also get An interview okay so as you see on the Screen it should always have the your Name okay I just made up a name this is A fake name I didn't put my name this is A fake name Susie doe Jones just trying To give me an idea you need to have your Phone number where they can get in Contact with you that's very important And your email address should always be Professional either your first and last Name like in this case Suzy Jones are Susie doe Jones You should always have a professional Um email address because if it's not Professional sometimes they will not Hire you because your your email address Is not um professional and you see data Entry or social remote you're going to See me go back and forth to the job post Okay so when you're applying you want to Put word for word as you can see data Entry Associates remote that's what you Want to put on your resume okay And then I come up with a simple summary Something that's very simple that says Highly organized and detailed or Organized and efficient date admit Highly skilled in office administration Data organization and word processing Skill Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint research leadership Photography customer service most of Those keywords came from the job post if

You go back to the job post you're going To see some of these keywords in here Okay that I mentioned in Um my resume here okay it talks about That you have to understand Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint I put that Information in there Microsoft Word Outlook Excel so if the hiring manager Or recruiter just say hey I'm looking For somebody that knows Microsoft Word They can go in to the ATS and key in Certain keywords from this job post and If they type in Microsoft Word or Outlook it's going to automatically pull My resume up you know so I got the Microsoft Word Outlook Um you got confidential those are one of The key words here typing at least 40 Words per minute that should be in there Um you could also put work well under Pressure these are the keywords that you Need to implement into your resume here You know Um review Data you know that's what you need to Put in here the same thing about the key Components those are the same things as The skills okay as you can see in the Job post it was confidential I put that Information type and proficiency because It asks you to type 45 words per minute Excellent organization skills that is One of the skills that you need to have When you're doing daily entry

Um also You can have insurance billing here Um that's very important too because This is sort of a medical type of work a Job so Um it talks about seeking a medical Billing professional so that is Something that you need to have in your Resume is insurance billing also let Them know you have knowledge of medical Terminology accuracy and attention to Details time management attention to Details Microsoft Office that covers Everything like word excel PowerPoint HIPAA communication skills work Independently so those keywords came From the job post and that is how your Resume passed the applicant tracker System now when you go to the Professional summary okay what you need To do I know that the professional Summary is blank there's nothing here But you can still get something out of It make for sure that your bullet point That you have bullet points I am a job Coach I help people with resume I do Resume reviews and a lot of resumes that I see they don't have bullet points and It is not in complete sentences it has To be in complete sentences so basically What you're going to do is look at your Professional experience and you're going To say what did I do on that particular Job that lines up with the daily entry

So I go through here and I look Data entry is basically inputting data Into the system so I look and see which Line or which bullet point has that Information where I'm inputting data I'm In dealing with communication skills and I rearrange my bullet points I put What's important that's tied up with the Job post go first then second all the Way down because the applicant tracking System reads from top to bottom so That's why I'm doing that and you also Go to the next job if you have another Job and you do the same thing you say What did I do on this job that I can That is similar to daily entry and you Rearrange the bullet points put what's Important first and then go to the Second and third and then your education Is last okay it's very simple all you Need is a simple plain resume black and White corporate resume okay that's all You need is is to get past the applicant Tracking system so I hope you understand And all of this that is what I'm telling You this is what hiring managers sat Down with me years ago and told me this Is what I need to do to get my resume Passed the African tracking system and Sometimes I just apply for jobs even Though I have a job to see if it still Works and trust me it still works I get Invites for interviewers and again I'm Trying to get more people in 2023 to get

More jobs so you make for sure you go Ahead and follow this once your resume Passed the applicant track assistant Congratulations these are actually Interview courses from exam works this Company here from exam works these are The interview courses that they will be Asking you and I'm not going to go Through all of them because there are a Whole bunch of them but you can go look At it on your own time it is going to be In the YouTube description bar so these Are some of the courses that they ask You why do you want this job at exam Works what are your weakness for exam Work positions are you able to relocate If required tell me about a time when You successfully handle a situation Describe your work ethic what qualities Do you look for in your boss describe Your management styles Can you tell me a little bit about Yourself do you want do you know anyone That works with our company what makes You a right for this position these are Some of the courses that they ask in the Interview and you want to get prepared Okay you want to go and get prepared People can tell if you don't prepare get In front of the mirror use a brush and Pretend like there's a microphone and Start talking and say pretend like You're actually talking to a hire Manager to get pumped up so you can be

Confident because again I'm giving the Information I'm giving you the twos but You have to take them and use them okay This information will be in my YouTube Description bar I remember make for sure That you subscribe to the channel this Channel is all about non-phone work and Home job leads that go out every single Day at Um 7 A.M Central Standard time again I Am here to help you get to the next Level but you got to help yourself Remember that it is a lot of jobs out There that are hiring at the first of The year so you got to do everything you Can to set your yourself apart from the Your competition so if you go to these Jobs it is no longer available explore Don't get in panic mode explore within The company and see if there's any other Remote jobs that you may feel like You're good fit for again subscribe to The channel you know if you want to get None from working home job leads to go Out every single day share this Channel With everyone you know keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it but again It starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe in yourself guess what Nobody else will believe it in you as Well so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs Thank you so much for watching and I

Will see you in the next video

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