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Hey everyone it's Suzanne I hope you're Having a wonderful weekend today I have A no phone no interview job with you That I'd like to share now I do share This job every once in a while for People that are new to my channel and so I'm sharing it again it's a great work From home opportunity with the company Omni interactions now on Omni Interactions hires people as independent Contractors and you get to decide how Much you want to work with them after You apply and get accepted so let me get Into the details of this job on their Home page here it says welcome to the Gig life more than ever we are taking Control of our work lives and leaning Into working from home on schedules we Determine so this is a flexible schedule You get to choose when you work based on Your schedule and you can click here on The View opportunities if you want to See what jobs are hiring for and then They also have a resource section here As well so a little bit about Omni they Are building Omni to be the One-Stop Platform to find work from home gigs Supporting brands that are shaping the Next iteration of how work works these Leading Brands need ambassadors that Would be you people who can represent Their brands across email text phone Chat and social so there are no phone Jobs available here you can be either

Through email or text or chat and Remember you get to choose the jobs that You want to do so why choose gig work From home gigs around your life no more Commute no more subscriptions you don't Have to pay to get access to their Platform and no more nine to five you Get to choose your own hours so if You're a stay-at-home mom or dad and you Need to work nights when the kids are in Bed you can do that if you need to work In the morning whatever you choose it's Your choice you get to Be Your Own Boss So are you their next great GBA Omni is Committed to creating communities of gig Brand ambassadors who retain their Flexibility being contractors in Business for themselves if you want to Be your own boss while supporting some Of the country's leading Brands join the Community and register below again you Can view their work from home gigs there And they do have a frequently asked Questions section as well so how do you Apply you're going to click the link Here I'm going to give you that link to Find that link down in the description So that you can fill out your Application today what you can expect When you apply you're going to provide Your contact information resume and Screenshots verify your home office will Meet the requirements including internet Speed and computer properties now when

They say provide screenshots they're Talking about proof of your internet Speed and your computer properties I Don't think they mean you sending in a Picture of yourself answer questions About your background skills and Experience complete a 30-minute Assessment which will evaluate your Typing speed computer proficiency Customer service aptitude and work Habits this is in place of your Interview this is why there is no Interview because you're going to take This assessment instead once you Complete your assessment the team will Review your application if the Information you provide meets the Requirements they'll invite you to Complete a Voice audition the invite Will come in an email link through their Partner Java you'll complete your voice Audition and now your app application Will be done so how long does the Application process take it can take Anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes to Complete the application you'll need to Use the computer that you plan to use Working with Omni so make sure it's the Same computer you're going to use when You start this job And how much do they pay well according To Glassdoor can be anywhere between Fifteen dollars per hour for a call Center rep and 62 dollars per hour for a

Gba so an average salary would be around Thirty dollars per hour or twelve Hundred dollars per week if you are Working a 40 hour week All right guys if this sounds good to You I'm going to go ahead and put the Link Down Below in the description for How to apply and I wish you all the best Of luck

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