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Happy Sunday two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a super quick hire With this company guys we've been told That you can get hired in one to two Days you can have a quick job offer but Before I jump into this awesome video if You are new here welcome and if you are Looking for the non-phone jobs be sure To hop over check them out on the Non-phoneworkathome.com blog smash that Red subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up the video and make sure you share now Today is live stream Sunday and we're Going to do interesting side hustles That you guys probably never knew Existed part two now if you missed part One be sure to go back check out the Live stream that we did last Wednesday Make sure you guys share my video we're Trying to give away 10 more brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys just make sure you Invite your people over here to the live Stream invite them over here tell them About what we do on this channel be sure To leave us a comment don't forget to Hop over here to the two chicks blog and It is two chicks with the side Hustle.com look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions and don't forget to Sign up for Branded surveys let's get Into the video so the company guys is

Called everrise now they are looking to Feel their work at home overnight late Night and swing shift position so it Says here the position purpose in this Role you will take your exemplary Customer service skills your patience Understanding and compassion to answer Inbound phone calls for our client Members you will answer questions Related to their health care benefits we Offer opportunities for you to earn Additional cash incentives for reaching Your goals in addition to your base pay We also offer medical dental vision and 401K benefits as well as earned PTO if You got the skills to succeed and the Motivation to make it happen we look Forward to hearing from you now it says The job requirements professionally Handle a high volume of incoming calls Thoroughly and efficiently gather Customer information excesses and Fulfilled customer needs and educate Customers where applicable regarding Products and also Services ability to Utilize and navigate multiple systems Simultaneously be dependable and meet All attendance requirements resolve Customer issues via one call resolution Guidelines and or escalated processes Meet or exceed company and client Performance metrics maintain a balance Between company policy and client Benefit in decision making continuously

Evaluate and identify opportunities to Drive process improvements that Positively impacts our client and its Customers responsible for call Disposition or compiling and documenting Customer info as required ability to Accept and embrace changes is within the Current business environment now the Qualifications ability to pass a drug Screen and a background check dedicated Area to work from in your home internet Speed requirement and you guys see the Requirements here now this company guys They will provide you with a work at Home setup so you will be provided with The equipment it says here you will Supply one and every rise will supply One so you will need to supply one Monitor and they will supply the rest of The equipment so guys now and now Another thing you must Supply your own Headset now they won't Supply that but It does say Um specific models will be shared during The interview process so I guess they're Going to tell you which models probably Are the best models to use for their Software so again the company is Everized they're looking to feel their Work at home overnight in late night Swing shifts this is a full-time Position guys I think the pay for this One and don't quote me I think it's Somewhere between 14 and maybe 16 an

Hour however this is where you guys come In make sure you do your own research For this company guys and again this is A super duper quick higher company Because I think what they do is once you Fill out the application they're going To set you up on like a zoom meeting and It'll be like maybe several other people That have filled out applications as Well several other candidates or Applicants for the same job and then They just hire like that at one time so This one is on the two chicks blog I Will be sure to leave the link right Below the video it will be in the Description box guys under the video Make sure you share share share we are Trying to get to 100 000 subscribers before the end of the Month and I believe that we can get There the power of the people guys we Can do it if we get everybody on board And everybody is sharing I believe that We can get there before December 31st Make sure you guys hop over to Facebook And join the group the name of our group Again it is kiss that cubicle goodbye And we have over a hundred and eighty Thousand people in that group and there Have been a lot of success stories Posted Within These last 30 days so make Sure you guys hop on over there so you Guys can see more other jobs because There are a lot of jobs posted over in

The group that may or may not and we Probably have not talked about half of The jobs that are posted in the group There's just too many jobs for us to Talk about over on this channel so if You guys don't want to miss out and You're looking for more work from home Jobs don't just stop here at the channel We have blogs and we also have that big Group on Facebook again the group is Kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure While you're on Facebook to follow us Over on our Facebook business page we're Trying to build that page up to a Hundred thousand followers and once we Do we're giving away two additional Laptops so guys make sure that you come On over there follow the page two chicks With the side hustle start sharing the Content we already have some of our Subscribers over there sharing each and Every single day it is not too late guys For you guys to join in with them and Share share share the power of sharing The power of the people we can get this Done so again hop on over to Facebook Join the group and then follow us over On our Facebook business page and don't Forget about Instagram we are doing a Pop-up giveaway on Instagram ladies and Gentlemen so right now at this moment I Have no idea what we're going to give Away it could be a laptop it could be a Brand new desktop we've never given away

A desktop before it could be some money You know somebody may need some money For the holiday and we're going to do The giveaway before the end of the year Guys when we're going to try to do it Before Christmas so we still got about 15 days or maybe I'll say 14 days to do The pop-up giveaway over on Instagram so Make sure you guys come over there and Start sharing the content whatever you See posted or you can tag a friend or You can put us in your stories because You guys can create stories on Instagram Put us in the stories guys let your Friends family members know for those of You that have those relatives that are Always asking to borrow money send them Our way so they can get a work from home Job and this way they don't have to keep Bothering you about borrowing some money So make sure you guys share share share My name is Carol I'll catch you Wonderful lovely people in the next Video bye Bye YouTube

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