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Good morning I hope you're having a Wonderful day today I am going to bring You three no interview remote jobs that Pay weekly they either pay weekly or They're high paying they're paying Between 20 and 30 dollars per hour let's Get into it so the first job is Literally and a little bit about this Company literally is a reading Assessment for k through eight students That identifies A through Z reading Levels diagnosis skill gaps screen Students for reading difficulties and Monitors progress the web and iOS apps Record a running record of students Reading out loud into a device along With several comprehension questions and A short retail so the position at Literally that I'm going to tell you About is a literally score now what does A little bit literally score do a Literally transcriber slash score Listens to audio files being read by Students and compares the wordings on Each to the actual written text After transcribing what the audio files Say you will then score the students Performances based on their accuracy and Comprehension so how much do you get Paid as a scorer with that said having Looked at some of the reviews this is Actually a this is a different website That gathered different wages that were Being listed from employee reviews and

From doing this they found that you can Expect to earn anywhere between five and Ten dollars per hour but it's also Possibly to eventually earn in the Ballpark of 10 to 20 per hour once you Get the hang of it so if you get really Good at this you could earn up to twenty Dollars per hour there is no interview There is simply a scores sign up and You're going to fill out all their Information I'm going to give you the Link to that page at the end of this Video But let's get to the second no interview Job so the second no interview job is a Voice captioner with the company vitac With this job you can earn between 20 to 30 dollars per hour now a little bit About the company it's the largest Provider of live closed captioning Services in North America if you've ever Seen those words at the bottom of your TV screen that tell you what people are Saying that is closed captioning there Is someone behind the scenes that's Actually typing that in as TV shows are Live now these captioners provide Essential services to the millions in The deaf and hard of hearing Community Daily by creating closed captioning for Live television streamed media corporate Government and educational events if the Prospect of working from home helping Positively touch the lives of millions

Of people daily having exciting new work Challenges each day and getting paid for It sounds interesting then this is for You captioners perform duties from their Home and enjoy a flexible work schedule Vitac offers part-time and full-time Schedules based on personal and business Needs vitac provides voice captioners With paid new hire training prior to Captioning for the customers in addition To an hourly base they offer an Incentive pay or bonuses for specialized Events competitive Medical Dental Etc all right here are the essential Duties that you will do at vitac you're Going to produce near instantaneous Transcription of the spoken word into Text as close to verbatim as possible Using speech recognition technology and The software provided by vitec you're Going to prepare scheduled programs and Events by conducting research prior Related to the correct spelling of words And names likely to be referenced in the Event like if there's any special Terminology they might say you're going To research for that in advance so that You know how to transcribe that when it Comes up you're going to record notes as Required and as per company procedures Participate in ongoing trainings as Needed so minimum qualifications they Want you to have a high school diploma So no degree required ability to read

Write and speak English proficiently Dedicated to ongoing process of Improving your skills good cultural and News knowledge detail-oriented technical Familiarity with computers able to work Flexible hours some nights weekends Holidays reliable and punctual Exceptional customer service and Proficient in Windows Microsoft Outlook Google Etc alright so these are all the Job benefits technical support they're Going to give you equipment varied Schedules paid sick time and you will be Hired at a new higher training salary of 17 per hour upon completion of an eight Week or 10-week paid new hire training You will move into an on-air captioning Position with an increased rate of pay Beginning at 20 per hour and again you Can make up to thirty dollars per hour As you gain more experience some voice Captioners can average thirty five Thousand dollars annually in the first Year after completing the new hired Training alright the third no interview Work from home job is with the company Liveops this has been a very popular job They work around your life life doesn't Always run on a schedule liveops online Contact center opportunities put you in The driver's seat giving you the Flexibility to be self-employed set your Own hours and work from anywhere liveops Offers online work from home positions

Including live chat tech support and Inbound calling so why liveops will they Help work around your life whether it be The wee hours of the morning or after The kids are in bed so if you're that Part-time or if you're that stay-at-home Mom who needs to work part-time in the Evenings or when the kids go to bed this Is going to be a great choice for you if You're a student or a student in college You can also get this to work around Your schedule if you live far from an Urban center come on board they've been Welcoming customer focused professionals And businesses into a thriving agent Community for over 20 years so if you Don't live in an like near a big city But you have internet you still could Apply for this position so what to Expect as an agent with liveops you are Self-employed independent contractor not An employee if you decide to contract With liveops you can connect with Opportunities that fit your unique Combination of skills and availability Main hustle or side gig so you can do This part-time or full-time how much can You earn here's a chart here if you if You work 20 hours per week you can earn Anywhere between two hundred and eight Hundred dollars if you work 25 hours a Week you can earn up to eight hundred Dollars again 30 hours a week up to Eight hundred dollars so the range

Changes the more that you work so we Could take a look at the reviews here For liveops they have a 3.7 stars out of Five and here's what employees are Saying on indeed about working for Liveops four stars here a great Work-life balance with the option to Control your own schedule help customers And Shoppers with questions and concerns Regarding products and services is a Typical day at work you can learn to Manage and Be Your Own Boss management Is great workplace culture is is amazing And the hardest part of the job is when The call volume is low you're paid for Talk time only and without talk time There is no pay so it says their only Issue with liveops is the pay amount and The delay in receiving the pay there are Moments when payroll is performed on Payday instead of days in advance for Anyone who may have bills scheduled this May be an issue and also may cause one To get an overdraft especially okay so I'm gonna let you go ahead and read Through the rest of this you can pause This video and read through it it's uh They give them great stars but Apparently there are still some issues That they had issue with that is typical With any position so you have to decide If the benefit is greater than the cost All right guys I'm going to go ahead and Put the link down in the description for

All three of these no interview jobs if You want to take a look at them and Apply if you're new here welcome my name Is Suzanne I do two to three work from Home daily job leads so if you're Looking for a remote work from home job Make sure you subscribe hit that Notification Bell and watch those videos As soon as they post because the great Work from home jobs really do go quickly Alright guys I will see you tomorrow

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