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TGIF thank God it is Friday it is me Carl and I am back with another Non-phone high paying work from home job But before I get into it if you guys are Looking for more non-phone jobs make Sure you hop over here and check them Out on the non blog let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For be sure to smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share because On our Channel guys we do real giveaways And we are giving away 10 brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys just make sure you go Spread the word tell a friend and all of That good stuff and make sure you come Back and drop that comment below don't Forget to go back check out the Overnight video that was posted on the Channel last night make sure you guys Hop over to the two chicks with the side blog look under the spotlight Job section make sure you apply for Tellers and also Omni interactions and Don't forget about branded surveys the Link is down below in the comments let's Get into it so the company is called Acquaint and if I'm saying it correctly They're looking for transcriptionists so Guys basically what you will be doing

You will be responsible for transcribing Highly confidential interviews and final Pieces quickly creating Word documents And working within our interplay system You will have to view and listen to Dozens of hours of footage within our Interplay system type the dialogue Verbatim into a cognic format within Microsoft Word completing quickly and Accurately now the required skills you Must be reliable trustworthy and able to Keep highly confidential material and Absolute secret ability to type 60 plus Words per minute with high level of Accuracy now if you cannot type these 60 Words per minute go over to this is a free site where You can practice practice practice and Getting your speed up this site has Helped me tremendously and I can type on A good day around 85 90 words per minute So make sure you guys go over there Practice getting your speed up if you Cannot type the 60 words per minute Ability to work independently good Organizational filing labeling skills Comfort you're comfortable sitting at a Computer for several hours at a time Several hours at a time so I don't know How long you guys will have to sit at a Computer but it does say several hours At a time so the client description the Legendary company has entertained Informed and inspired people around the

Globe for over 90 years named one of Forbes top companies to work for year After year this is where dreams really Do come true I wonder can you guys figure out who This client is and if you can put it Down below in the comments because I Would like to know who is this client Now I don't really see guys a lot of Required skills here so I'm gonna say That anybody really can do this job all I see here that may be difficult for Some people is the 60 words per minute But other than that if you're someone That's reliable you're trustworthy I Would say go ahead and apply anyway even If you can't type the 60 words per Minute you'll be the ones to let them Tell you no don't disqualify yourself Let the company disqualify you now this One is posted over on the non-phone blog There will be a link posted right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out this company make Sure you guys do your own research I Don't know if this one is a skip the Interview just because it is a Transcription position because this Company they do offer other remote jobs So I don't think and I could be wrong But I don't think this is as gifty Interview however that is where you guys Come in make sure you do some research About the company go over to Google or

Glassdoor or indeed type in acquaint if I'm saying it correctly it is a Q-u-e-e-e-n-t acquaint so make sure you Guys do some research make sure you Share the video leave me a comment and Then what you guys want to do is hop Over to Facebook and join kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you follow us While you're over there on our Facebook Business page two chicks with a side Hustle because we are going to do Another giveaway over there guys so if You don't win a laptop over here you Still have a chance to win one over on That business page we're gonna give away Two laptops over there once we hit a Hundred thousand followers we are over 50 000 right now so go over there tag Your friends your family members and you Can easily share what's on that platform You can share the blog post you can Share the videos all of that good stuff To your personal or business pages so Make sure you guys do that and drop us a Comment over there and then you want to Follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle because on Instagram we are going To do a pop-up giveaway this is going to Be a surprise giveaway we've done this Before so make sure that you are Following our Instagram page again it is Two chicks with the side hustle my name Is Carl and I'll catch you wonderful

Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye

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