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Happy Sunday YouTube family I am back With another non-fall work from home job 2023 Um in this video this job is about you Getting paid weekly it's immediate Higher and you can actually start Working today okay my name is Theresa Sweat and I bring to you nothing but None phone work at home job leads on This channel and today we're going to be Talking about the company broad path Broad path is currently seeking data Entry representative to work from home Again this is a needed hire according to Glassdoor to pay it's between 14 and 18 000 an hour it can be more remember you Could always negotiate your salary if You feel like you deserve to make more Money and then the great thing about This company you will get medical plan Starting first of the month after 60 Days of employment after one year of Full-time employment you'll receive Access to their major medical plan 401k And are kind kind beehive kit which Includes a camera that allows you to Join their connected culture and you'll Have uncapped employee referral program And weekly pay okay so when we go more Into details about data entry data entry What you're going to be doing on this Job is you're going to review all Referrals for eligibility expiration Date and accuracy you're going to act as

A Leisure between patients providers and Staff members to direct a proper case The of the management staff you're going To work with internal and external Customers to help members and providers With referral issues you're going to Participate in answering prior Authorization calls and enter customers Data and database daily okay now I Always reach out to hire manager when I Have a question I know somebody's going To say participate in answer prior Authorization calls it is not a call Center where you're sitting on the phone And calls are coming after each other I Reached out to hire manager and they Stated that it's only as a needed basic It is not every day okay I repeat it's Not that I you know where you on the Phone every single day it's only as Needed now when you go here basic Qualification Clinical experience in healthcare Experience with medical insurance if you Work with medical insurance this is Great for you even though you don't have The experience I worked I'm working Medical field I didn't have the Experience they trained me if you go With a will in mind a willing heart in The spirit you can get this job even Though you don't have this experience Why because it happened to me ability to Understand or handle Insurance based

Questions authorization experience Office in our experience with CPT ICD-10 Codes you can look this up and kind of Understand the basis of codes like 99213 Office visit understanding all of these Codes to get you this get into the job Because they're going to train you the Way that they want you to be trained two Plus years experience in medical offers A clinical environment don't be Intimidated by that it's people have Gotten hired and they don't have two Years of experience must have knowledge Of durable medical equipment you can Look it up to kind of give you a little Knowledge to understand this so you can Go ahead and apply for the job knowledge Of of HMO system and experience working With the medical referral process Required you can look at some videos and Some people that will show you how to do This in order to get this job okay now Again this is a great opportunity for Someone and speaking about data entry There is a free place where you can go Which is called where you can Practice your daily entry for free so What you can do is Um you can practice your 10 key which is Numbers and symbols as well as numbers Only in order to get your typing where It needs to get and you can also do a Typing test so I suggest you to take

Advantage of this so you can get your Score where it needs to be here and Again if you're interested in applying It don't be hesitant go ahead and apply Right here and also make sure you go and View other openings there's a lot of Other openings too that maybe a good fit For you explore within the company and See if there's any other jobs as well That you want to apply and get your Resume out there because the more you Submitting your resume the more you Increase your chances of getting a Invite or getting a job okay you gotta Apply for multiple jobs you can't just Apply for one job and call it a date so Make sure you're applying for these jobs By clicking here now if this video has Been helpful And you would like to see more jobs Where they would train you immediate Higher none phone work from home jobs 2023 make for sure you consider Subscribing to the channel don't forget To click on that red button that says Subscribe don't forget to turn on your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and When I go YouTube live you will be Notified as well and speaking about YouTube live make sure you join me this Coming Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at Seven o'clock P.M Citrus Standard time I Will be going YouTube live this is a

Work from home q a question where if you Have any questions about working from Home or any jobs or we can just check on And see how your job search and as well As build a community where we can Encourage and uplift everyone on their Job search and everyday life because People are going through things on these Jobs drama out of the supervisor as well As their co-work so I want to come on a Live stream where we can share quotes And help push each other on every day's Life life to go and make it into the Work environment so make sure you mark Your calendar for March the 7 2023 at Seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward in chatting with you now I want to leave some encouragement words With you is to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but you got To believe a lot of times y'all want to Throw in a towel before you fit you're Just this close at the finish line and You just want to give up Life is full of ups and down it's like a Roller coaster everybody rolled a roller Coaster at least once in a life one Minute you were going up next minute You're going down but there is a reason For everything there's a season for Everything There is a particular job made for you But you gotta believe everything starts

In the mind a lot of people don't speak Life over theyself and how you don't Speak life of yourself I can't do this This job is very difficult I don't Understand Microsoft Word nobody would Never hire me that is speaking deaf over Yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death you have to Have that mindset everything start in The mind you gotta feed your mind Positive if you feed your mind positive Then everything that comes out is going To be positive if you feed your mind Negative You're not gonna believe in anything You're gonna think that you'll never Accomplish anything okay it's hard on Everybody everybody is going through Things some people are smiling and they Are going through things if you sit back And they tell you everything they're Going through you'll be like how are you Walking around with that smile I'm here To tell you don't give up I know there's A lot of y'all are going through a lot I Know that you're around people that are Negative Learn to get away from people that are Not speaking life of you and speaking Death the older I get the circle of my Friends are very small because everybody Is not going the way the way that God is Trying to tell me when you know your Purpose

Haters come out And a lot of people want to help folks You know come on you know they they want To bring everybody on the boat and God Is trying to take you to your Destination but you want Grandma you Want cousins you want aunties you want Friends you want everybody to get on That ship and go where you go and it's Not meant to you got all these people on Your ship and your vote has sunken and You can go to your destination you gotta Learn that your peace is more important Than anything in the world surround Yourself around people that have your Best interest I talk about that all the Time because when you're around positive People and you're around people that are Doing business opportunities and Starting a business and that's going to Push you to be successful but when You're around somebody oh I'm not going To do anything I I'm gonna wait until it Gets right before I start this you're Gonna be the same way okay life is too Short to be sitting and complaining and Wait dating get up to date and take Action so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs There is a job out there being made for You okay so go out there today and grab What is yours okay you got this I Believe in you okay now I am going to be Talking about course careers okay I talk

About course careers because I love this Platform Um this is a great opportunity this have Changed so many people's life I have Reached out to people people Come up to me for some reason and we Start talking and somehow they like I Need me a better opportunity I need a Job where I can support myself and my Family or I have a child that just Graduate and we don't have money to Um put them in college and I tell them About course careers and it has been a Life changer for them and if it's been a Life changer for them it would Definitely be a life changer for you Course careers have partnered with other Companies or four to five hundred Companies that are looking to hire you Into an entry level positions dropping The degree and experience only for Course careers and it is people making Anywhere between 60k to 100 and 20K a Year okay people are doing it and again No experience or degree is required and The courses that they're offering is Tech sales digital marketing and Information technology we all know that Text sales is high in demand and it's People not only getting paid hourly in Tech sales but there are getting a good Commission check and Tech sales you're Basically on the phone there's more than 300 000 opening jobs average starting

Salary is between 60 to 80k a year Digital marketing there's more than 200 000 opening jobs and average starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year so Digital marketing is more of like Content creators writing content Um understanding analytic paid campaign They go over all of that information Technology is more of a chat job where You're dealing with tickets and cues There are more than 200 000 opening jobs Average starting salary between 40 and 60k a year okay and you're not on the Phone with that Now when you scroll down I suggest you To look at the testimonies to see what Other people are saying about the job or Saying about the course that if that Don't give you pump up pumped up I don't Know where what will so go ahead and Check that out now how it works is you Start their free intro course in the Intro course it will tell you everything You need to know about text sales Digital marketing and information Technology at that time you know if it's A good fit so stop procrastinate take Action faith without works is dead get Up and sign up today so it can be a life Changer for you and your family next Step is enrolled in their online course It is self-paced so it takes some people A week it takes some people a three Months it depends on how much time you

Spend with it and then you'll start Applying the skills you acquire they Will teach you exactly how to land an Entry level position inside the Knowledge of how to apply to companies What they look for resumes applications How to interview and so much more Because they have partnered directly With Fortune 500 companies that want to Hire you to work for their companies and Then when you go down a little bit Further we're going to go in I'm just Going to click on text sales here you Scroll down it tells you again about the Course time the job opening salary these Are some of the best companies that They're hiring for Tech sales and then When you scroll down a little bit Further it tells you the day in the life Of ATEC sales respond to emails and Checking calendars research companies And adding in New Prospect making phone Calls to people in your Outreach and you Go down a little bit further the course Is flexible education because it's Self-paced it tells you who who Um Tech sales course is for your Background what you will learn in the Class sales basis sell skills sales Technology sales process interview prep And then you get started again here is Some more testimonies I tell you they Have plenty of people that are testing Fine of course careers high it has

Changed their life and when you go down Here this is the price 499 dollars one-time payment fee If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of all in caps 50 the number 50 you Would get 50 off the 499 or you can Choose a four payment plan of you can Pay 150 for four Um payments every two weeks no contract Or hitting fees along with a 14 day Money back guarantee so again stop Procrastinate and take action there is a Lot of people that are struggling a lot Of people cannot afford to go to college It's people I know that go to college Got a degree and come out try to apply For a job and they can't get a job Because they don't have the experience Here at course careers you're getting Experience you're coming out making more Money than somebody that went to a University a trade school a college this Could change your life so make sure you Go ahead and sign up today and start Changing your life and have a career Where you can support yourself and your Family that information is in the YouTube description bar and again make For sure that you subscribe to the Channel for more non-phone work from Home jobs 2023 work from home jobs that Are media higher pay weekly jobs that Will train you is all on this channel Here and don't forget to turn on your

Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified if you would Like to support the channel or become a Member of the channel hit that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the Channel shout out to everyone that's Already a member of the channel I really Appreciate you so much don't forget to Check out the community tab as well that Is where I engage with you when I upload New videos when I do quotes when I go Live I post that information in there Okay and I want to leave encouragement Words keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you but you got to believe if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs You got this and make sure you check out The next video that is appearing at the On the top of the screen or down the Bottom because there is there's more Work from home job leads out there to Help increase your chance of getting That job thank you so much for watching This video and I will see you in the Next video bye

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