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Hey hey hey two chicks fam happy Thursday it's me Carl I am back with a Part time none phone no experience work From home job but before I jump into the Video if you missed the live stream last Night guys we talked about 20 companies Where you can live anywhere in the world So if you guys are watching or listening To my video and you live in other parts Of the country outside of the US be sure To check out that video don't forget Guys to share sharing is caring on this Channel because we are giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free and if you guys want To see what the laptop looks like be Sure to go and check out the live stream I showed the laptop on the live stream Last night beautiful laptop at that make Sure you come back though and leave us a Comment hop on over to the two chicks Blog look on the home page make sure you Guys apply for Telus International the Raider position it is now open the pay Is 14 an hour work when you want don't Forget guys to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure to click on that link in the Comments and sign up for Branded surveys Let's jump in so the company guys is Cognizante and I hope I'm pronouncing That correctly this is a part-time Quality analyst work from home job so it

Says that the role of the quality Analyst is to perform quality assurance Audits on phone calls emails and chats So basically guys you are listening to Phone calls you're looking at emails and You are also looking at chats and you Are giving feedback so the analysts you Will review and grade the customer Contact events for technical accuracy Compliance to policies and procedures And observable soft skills the analysts May also provide measurements to help Gauge the customers overall level of Satisfaction when with the content or Con contact event so it says here Schedule reporting and training Part-time employee it saves a typical Work week will consist of four hour Shifts per day Monday through Friday Between the hours of 8 A.M to 5 p.m Eastern two shifts are available 8 A.M To 12 noon and one pm to 5 p.m and all Times are based on the Eastern Time Zone Our employees are required to commit to At least 20 hours per week training will Include two to three weeks of remote Web-based training and nine to ten weeks Of additional on-the-job training now The classes they will run four to five Hours per day Monday through Friday Between 8 A.M to 5 p.m and breaks will Be administered so the qualifications to Perform this job successfully an Individual must be able to perform each

Essential Duty with satisfaction the Requirements listed are representative Of the knowledge skill and or abilities Required must have a safe and secluded At home office that is free of normal Household distractions you must be able To type at least 35 words per minute With at least 85 percent accuracy must Have a home PC equipped with Ms word and Ms Excel must be proficient with Ms word And also Excel must have basic computer Skills strong customer service skills Required strong verbal and written Skills excellent grammar punctuation and Spelling high school diploma or GED is Required if you have a college degree Guys it is only preferred it is not Required for this particular job so the Pay is 10 62 to 15.92 again this is a Part-time work from home job really Don't need experience guys um with this One and like for this here you guys can Go and Google this I would just go and Google Ms Word and Excel or you Youtubing there are YouTubers out there That talk about Ms Word and Excel and Then just put it on your resume because The thing is they do have to train you Guys on how they want you to evaluate or Give feedback on the calls the emails And also the chat so again the company Is cognizante if I'm pronouncing that Correctly be sure to go over to Google And do some research about the company

Know something about this company just In case you guys get an interview you Want to be prepared and not surprised Also guys don't forget to share the Video somebody out there is looking for A part-time quality analyst work from Home job such as this one and you just Might be the person to help them out Don't forget to look under the video in The description box to get the link hop Over to Facebook make sure you come over There we are doing a giveaway in our Group and we are giving away a brand new Laptop so this just increases your Chances guys of winning that laptop so Make sure you come over there join the Group invite invite invite that is all You guys have to do the name of the Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye Don't forget guys to follow the two Chicks with a side Hustle the Facebook Business page and also don't forget to Follow us on Instagram and on Twitter Two chicks with a side hustle follow Subscribe like share share share my name Is Carl and I will catch you lovely Amazing beautiful people in the next Video bye YouTube

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