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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another no talking work from home Job have you ever thought about being a Tourist in your state where you take People on different tours and you can Set your own hours people are making Anywhere between 50 to 150 50 per day And you could do the same thing you can Set your own price so if that's Something you're interested in then Let's go ahead and talk about this Company today we're talking about the Company tours by local you can become a Tourist by local guide and to be in a Tour of God on their platform means that You can be creative and be yourself as You design and deliver tours that let Your unique personality and knowledge Shine You'll Be Your Own Boss stay Flexible and independent by setting your Own schedule and price for every tours You'll follow your passion and do what You love everyday support by a team Whose goal is your success so meet the Kind and curious hearings from around The world The Travelers who who use Their tours by locals are passionate About exploring the world in our to Learn more about you in the places by Being a part of Tours by locals you can Get to know other friendly and inspiring Guides in your city around the globe be Supportive in all you do they have your Back from the moment you become a guy

With tours by locals you get a team of Caring staff cheering you on we want you To see to see from practical advice for Getting started to onboarding support With every booking you make our their Staff are here to help you 24 7. you can Literally reach them anytime no need to Be sweat or no need to sweat the small Stuff the teams make care of payment Process in multiple currency you're Protected from the pain of last minute No shows with their guy friendly Cancellation policy and you can grow Your business with Sparks Mark marketing Through a comprehensive program of paid Marketing tactics you'll know that your Tours will be discovered by the right People motivated customers who otherwise Would never have found me so they will Train you on how to do this okay so if You're interested in coming in tours for Your state where if you know a lot about What's going on in your state this is a Great side hustle side gig opportunity That you can make passive income because Remember I believe in multiple strains Of income not seven but eight because You never know what can happen all you Need to do is Click right here where you Say it apply now when you go down here This is how it works here there are Tours by locals they hire in different States as you can see of course the United States and different other states

Here when you look at it they hire in South America they hired Africa they Have hired Asia they hire Russia Russia They hire in Greenland they hire in Canada they hire in Alaska they hire Different places but we're looking at U.S continent so when you click on U.S Continent this is what will come up These are the different states that you See the green these are the different States that there are hiring for are Looking for tourists to work for tours By local where you can start your own Business and set your own price so they Are hiring in different places in Texas So I chose something in Texas and when I When it popped up these are tours in Galveston Texas these are people that You can see and you can set your own Price on what you want to start charging Like this person uh is a 90 minute intro To Galveston history walking tour in Galveston historica downtown she charged 189 per tour so that's per person for up To six people and it's an hour and 30 Minutes the city of Houston tour Starting from Galveston he charged 640 Per tour for up to six people that's six Hours and then here's another one that's The same person here and you go down a Little bit further the city tour of Houston and shopping at they charge 640 Per tour this is the same person Um that is doing this and making a

Living taking people on different tours About you know the history of your state Or your city or your town this is a Great side hustle side gig opportunity So if I click on this particular person Here this is what's going to happen it's Going to give you information about this Particular person here you know it's Going to tell you about the itinerary Where she she take you to like fashion Favors option The Strand history Historic district I'll tell you all About the time it tells you about her if You click on here it gives you more Information about your tourist guide Um where she's from and then it also Gives you the Stars she have eight Reviews and then it's it tells you about Where you can read the reviews this is Her guide number first tour the first Time she ever did the tour was March of 9 2019. it talks about the language and This again this is a great side hustle So I gave opportunity that you can go Ahead and get started making some extra Cash when you do your research I did my Research people can make anywhere Between 50 to 150 dollars per day but Again you set your own Um hourly rate like as you can see and You can make that amount month or make More Um in one day so this is something that

You need to consider doing you know Instead of you know I'm saying hey I Don't I need the extra cash I need the Extra money this is something that you Can go ahead and get started uh making a Passive income and all you need to do is Click right here and apply now now if This video has been helpful make for Sure you give this video a thumbs up Make sure you subscribe to the channel By clicking the red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified and never give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available again my channel is All about no talk and work from home job Needs that go out every single day at 7am Central Standard Time and remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you but it starts with you too many Times people talk theirself out of a job Before they're applying why because they Believe they're mine I can't do it or They believe people you can't do it You're not qualified nobody would never Hire you you got this you got to speak Life of your yourself the power of the Tongue determines life and death if you Say you can you're gonna do a lot of Things everything is going to come to

Fruition but if you say you can't you're Not going to get that far in life I get it everybody don't like the word No not only no it means next opportunity When do one door open they're gonna Always be another door that's going to Open and you're gonna get into that door That you never thought you would get in So you got to keep the faith you got to Keep pushing there's a lots of work from Home jobs out there that is meant for You but sometimes you got to realize When you don't get the job that is not What God have for you you know it could Be because this drama getting ready to Go on that job they're getting ready to Lay off it is a reason behind everything Especially when you've done everything You can if you tailor your resume to the Job post you're probably every single Day and you're not getting a job it's That God has a special job for you and Once he get that job you're gonna be in There for the rest of your life okay so Don't give up don't get this don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it too Many times people talk theyself out of Getting a job because the power of the Time again the power of the time Determines life and you got to speak Life of yourself and like I always say You have to surround yourself around Positive people that have your best

Interest everybody don't have your best Interest people that's talking down on You that you're not gonna find a job You're not a good fit you need to learn To love them in distance I don't care if It's family I don't care if it's Non-family you gotta learn to love those Type of people in distance and stay away From them that's why I want to build a Community where we can encourage one Another and uplift one another on these Job searching everyday life because we All need encouragement words even myself There's times when I listen to Les Brown And he say some kind of encourse words And that uplifts me because you're Around sometimes people that are Negative and when you're around negative People you're gonna eventually pick up Their ways you have to surround yourself Around positive people that have a very Impact on your life that's going to help Push you from point A to Z if they're Not pushing you from point A to Z you Gotta say bye I see you later I love you But I love your distance don't be scared To hurt somebody's feeling and say no You know it's okay to say no you know Just surround yourself around people That is have your best interests and to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up You got to say that in your mind keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there for me but you

Gotta believe because if you don't Believe nobody else will so go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs and remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs you got this if nobody tells You this you got this you will get a job Real soon but you have to believe you Got to keep applying okay I don't care If you're getting rejections every Single day rejection is a part of life But it is not the end no don't we know It means next opportunity so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I always talk about Having a backup plan I believe in not Seven but eight multiple strains of Income why because you never know what Can happen too many times people get so Complacent on their job they think Because they've been on a job for six Months to five years that the company Loved them companies will let you go in Five seconds it's companies that know That they're getting ready to lay off Two years in advance and they're not Gonna let you know to a day of our week Of not giving you plenty of time to go Out there and apply for jobs I believe In most constrains the income and that Is what I'm gonna share on my channel Because I don't want nobody to fall Short I don't want anybody to come

Homeless because they haven't prepared Plan I tell you every single day you Need to prepare and plan just in case of Some go down you have a backup plan so You can be able to feed your family and Be able to pay your bills and that is What book wrote as you can see on the Screen books are low content books that You can make if you do your research People make it anywhere between a Thousand ten thousand a month creating Low content books and you could do the Same thing but again you have to put in The work what come easy won't last and What last will come easy so you have to Put in the work I'm not just talking I Am doing book book too I've been doing Book book over eight months now and I Love it I love creating posts and books And coloring pages and I have made a Sale when you make the first sale that Is what keeps you pushing and say Hey You know I got this anybody can do this You don't have to have any experience You can live in the United States you Can live out of the United States this Is something that you can do to make a Passive income now when we go down a Little bit further again low content Books or journals log books Diaries Puzzles coloring books uh recipes Different things it's just too many the Name and the great thing about bookboat Is you can always research the product

Before you actually make it to see if It's selling as well as you can spy on Your competitors and see what kind of Keywords that they're using and you can Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not top people to be Expired again bookboat has upgraded They have a new studio and they have Cover craters interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million relatively image Paris scalables designs built and much More and again you're able to make Puzzle books activity books coloring Books 100 of low content Interiors where You can mix and match materials to Create unique books for audience and yes People buy these books every single day And yes people are making passive income If you do your research use Google you Will find out that people are making a Passive income anytime you're talking About a business there will be pricing And I believe it's very affordable you Cannot complain about the situation if You don't take action again faith Without works is dead you got to get up There and take action to move from level Eight to Z here now the pricing is for Newbies is 9.99 per month Alpha Pro is 19.99 per month but if you use my coupon Code which is the rest is what all in Lower case that information is in the

YouTube description bar you receive 20 Off the 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime forever or if you choose the 1999 per month you'll get 20 off of that And that's a lifetime forever the only Thing is with the pro you're getting the Puzzle creation software included but The great thing about this is you can Try it out for three days for free and I Guarantee you that you're gonna love This and you're going to want to go Ahead and start making passive income Remember the soonest you sign up today You can start creating low content books Sell them on Amazon kdb Etsy pay here send out different free Websites that you can promote it on and Start making passive income but it's up To you you gotta choose the day either You want to start making passive income Or you want to stay at the same level Choose to make passive income but I I Believe again in having multiple strains Of income not only seven but eight That's what you need to have just case Of something happened you didn't have a Backup plan again sign up today this Information is in my YouTube description Bar and remember That my YouTube channel is all about no Talk and work from home job these they Will train you Urgently hiring and you can start Working today that is what my Channel

All about I have new videos going on Every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn your Notifications so when I upload new Videos that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go just like this As well as when I go YouTube live you'll Be able to attend my live stream where You can do get your courses answer on Real time if you would like to support The channel or become a member of the YouTube channel all you have to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that's already a Member are supporting the channel I Really appreciate you don't forget to Check out the community tab that is Where I engage with you every single day When I upload new videos when I do posts When I do quotes all of that going to The community Tab and again my channel Is all about no talk and work from home Job needs to go out every single day at 7 a.m. such as dinner time make sure you Watch the videos there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job with UNH side hustle

And remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there for you but it starts with you You got to believe if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by apply for These jobs and remember to watch the Next video that is pairing up on the Screen there are more video there are More non-talking work from home jobs in There that these companies are hiring Right now and they're looking for you so Go ahead and apply today thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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