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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great you already Know I'm back bringing you guys another Remote job okay this one right here Coming from the company Athenian and They're currently looking for a minute Data specialist okay so they're looking For a corporate paralegal with one plus Years experience to complete data Migration at minute Inc okay so let's go Ahead and get into the details this is a Part-time job with some pretty decent Pay so if you're a paralegal or if you Know anyone that's a paralegal Definitely go ahead and share this video With them but let's talk a little bit About this company minute Inc manages Legal entities for legal professionals Moving legal teams from analog to Digital and making their lives better And with this job right here you're Going to be structuring corporate entity Data into Athenian software for Corporations Llc's limited Partnerships and Non-profit organizations you're going to Conduct minute book reviews identifying Deficiencies and preparing necessary Documents to bring Minute books to Current you're going to be experimenting With AI and bulk data upload tools to Improve data and document import methods And you're going to provide feedback on

The data entry process to enable Efficient migrations you're going to Also be preparing documents related to Incorporation organization amendments Reorganizations continuances and Amalgamations okay looking for a Paraprofessional with experience Managing legal entities and be able to Learn new things quickly also have a Can-do attitude it will be nice to have If you're bilingual and if you have a Good understanding of legal context Paired with fundamental understanding And an interest in technology and Innovation job pays 20 to 30 dollars an Hour quick application here so of course If you guys are interested in applying Go ahead and check out that link in the Description bar make sure to leave any Comments questions below you guys Already know I'm wishing you the best Best of luck I'll see you guys in my Next video and good luck to everyone who Applies for the job

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