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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another work from home job in 2023. in Today's video we're going to be talking About a work from home job where it's Administrative Assistant where you can Make anywhere between 20 and 25 an hour And this company they're looking to hire Neatly no degree is required so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're talking about Adecco Adecco is Currently seeking Administrative Assistant to work from home even though It says this location this is where the Company is located at this is a contract Position which is a 1099 job and the pay Is 20 an hour here and when you go down Also the pay is 25 so I say it is Between 20 and 25 an hour the length of This assignment is 12 months so if you Go in and you do a great job then they Can hire you on permanently I'll give You a little bit about information about The Deco a deco is basically a staffing Service that will help you found on Remote jobs or in person Um jobs I went through a deco um years Ago and they helped me found a job and I Was at the job for like maybe a week and They hired me on permanently okay so Basically Adecco is looking for a Self-driven and organized individual to Work as a travel coordinator assistant Working Associates for one of their Customers this individual will arrange

Business travel for associates across The United States if you're looking to Start a new opportunity and they're Excited about the tech Industrials Please see below for more details now The shifts are Mondays through Friday They want you to work 40 hours a week Including flexibility to respond during Various hours in our weekends in case of Emergency okay and then when you go down Here basically what you're going to be Doing is you're going to research and Compare available travel and hotel Accommodations when traveling rages Approved you're gonna make all Arrangements and reservation as your Quest you're going to also prepare Travel interior itineraries and Distribute travel Arrangements is Scheduled to all appropriate staff and You're going to process reimbursement For travel expense you're going to Perform other related duties as a sign And you're going to quickly respond to Courses from the operation team and then You need to understand uh the process And ensure all documentations up to date Now the required skills now these are The skills that you will need to Implement in your skills section is Excellent verb one written communication Skills strong working knowledge of the Travel world and expense tubes excellent Decision making skills with ability to

Access multiple options and to identify The best choice to serve as a specific Goal you need to also have excellent Organization skills and attention to Details proficiency with Google Suites Are related software and then it only Requires a high school diploma or Equivalent you must be computer literacy And you need to success to complete a Background check now if this sounds like Something that you're able to do Then don't be hesitant don't Procrastinate that you need to go ahead And click right here where it says apply With Adecco now if you're looking for More work from home jobs that are higher Now companies that will train you Um none phone work from home jobs 20 to 23. they consider subscribe to the Channel by clicking that red button and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you'll be Notified and when I go YouTube live and Speaking about YouTube live I will be Going YouTube live on March the 7th 2023 At seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time that is Tuesday on a Tuesday this Is going to be a work from home q a so If you have any questions that you want To ask about working from home or if you Want to be around Positive Vibes or you Need someone to talk to then join me on March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M

Central Standard time I look forward in Chatting with you real soon okay and Also don't forget to go and check out These free typing tests so you get your Typing where it needs to be it is what Type of you can protect your Type of skills in a minute as well as not only can you Practice your typing test but you can Practice your 10 key tests which is data Entry you will receive a type of Certificate so take advantage of all of These free tools that I'm giving you That will help you level up and get that Job that you desire in your heart so I'm Going to leave some encouragement words With you is to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with your mind you got to believe If you don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these Shops there is a job out there with your Name on it I get it a lot of people Don't like rejections rejection is a Part of life but it's not the end of the World sometimes God keep you from Getting a job because that is not what He got for you that job may be in the Process of laying off or it's a lot of Drama going on that job but there is a Job out there being made for you but you Got to believe you got to keep pushing

You got keep applying every single day When you don't feel like it even though You get knocked down on the ground get Up with class and say look today may not Be the day but tomorrow it could be the Day that I get a job making sure that Resume is tailored to each job that You're applying for and you keep pushing Keep praying don't give up and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs you got this I believe in you If nobody tell you today or never tell You before is you got this I believe in You keep pushing there is a job out There been made for you start believing Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will go out there Today and grab what insurance by Applying for these jobs okay you know That I always talk about Ways of bettering yourself because I'm Here to help a lot of people a lot of People are struggling you know they've Been on a job for a long time and they Don't see any growth they don't see any Increase this is for you this is for High school students Juniors and seniors That are uncertain about what they want To do with their life this is for you You may have been at a job anywhere for From two years or six months to 40 years And you're looking for age career change This is for you it is Workhorse careers Course careers you do not have to have

An experience no degree they are Training this is a self-paced course That will train you for text sales we All know that text sales is high in Demand Information Technology as well as Digital marketing and the great thing About this is you do not have to take Out any loans anybody know when they go To a community college a trade school or University you are out so much money and You got to take out loans I know people That have been out of school for 20 Years and still plan on a loan and Course careers should not course whereas You're getting the spirit experience why Are people going to college getting that Degree and coming out not having Experience they're going applying for These jobs and they're getting rejected Why because they don't have the Experience they have a degree so what do They do they go back to college again Change their major and hoping that they Can get another job and they go and get Another degree and they go out there and Apply and they still have that same Problem with course careers you're Coming out with not only the Certification but you're also coming out With experience and that is what Companies are looking for different Companies have partnered with course Careers dropping the degree and Experience four course careers and

Putting them in a entry level position Like text sales information technology And digital marketing okay so when we go Down here Tech sales is basically you're On the phone you get paid not only Hourly but you get paid commission based And a lot of people are making so much Money through Tech sales and there are More than 300 000 open jobs averaging Starting salary of 60 to 80k a year this Is a phone job where you will be on the Phone reaching out to potential buyers Digital marketing This is more of content creation Analytics pay campaign this is a Non-phone working home job there is a More than 200 000 opening jobs and a Starting salary of 40 to 60k a year Information Technology the way that I Could describe it is like a chat job Where you're dealing with tickets and Cues this is also considered a non-phone Work at home job where there is more Than 200 000 opening jobs ever starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay So make sure you go ahead and sign up Today the uh the first step that you Need to do is watch the testimonies of What these students have to say if this Don't get you pumped up then I don't Know what it would give you these Students are actually completed the Course and it's a lot of people before They complete the course they already

Have a job offer make it anywhere Between 60k to 100K before they complete The course and you could do the same Thing okay now how it works is what you Need to do is start with their free Intro course in intro course it is going To give you information about Information Technology uh text sales Digital marketing and at that point you Know if it's a good fit for you and if It's a good fit for you stop Procrastinate Take Action Sign up today So you can go ahead and take this course So it can change your life and your Family life and you can start making the Money that you deserve the next step is You're enroll in the online class the Class is self-paced you can begin Learning you complete the course in a Few weeks to a couple months it just Depends on how much time you commit you Will learn everything required to land Your first position okay then you start Applying for the skill applying the Skills you acquire from the course in a New career they teach you exactly how to Land an entry level position through Insider knowledge of how to apply to Companies what they look for in resumes Applications how to interview and so Much more because they partner directly With companies that want to hire their Students dropping the green and Experience requirements for their

Graduation or for graduate students here In higher work if I go under text cells Here this is where I'm going to go under Tech sales learn more This is how it works it tells you the Course time it tells you the job all Openings in the average salary these are The companies that are hiring for text Sales Um basically when you scroll down it Tells you the day in the life what you Will be doing responding to emails and Checking calendars researching companies And adding a new Prospect making phone Calls to people in your Outreach it Tells you everything that you're going To do and it talks about when you go Down here this course is a flexible Education because you can do the course On your own time but you want to finish The course so you can go out here and Start applying and Implement what you Learn in this course in these jobs it Talks about your qualification what you Need to have not you don't have to have Any experience your background and then It tells you what you're going to be Learning in text sales you'll be going Over sales bases sales skills sales Technology sales process interview prep And this is when if you're going to go Into the tech sales okay and then again Look at what other Um people that went through the course

Gotta say you click on this this is a Full video of other people that went Through course careers and they're Telling you how it changed their life And how they making more money than what They ever had made in their life so you May be asking what is the price again The free introduction course is for free The full price is 499 dollars one-time Payment if you use my coupon code which Is the rest of 50 you would get 50 off Of the 499 okay this is very affordable How how many times you can go to college And pay only 499 you're out of more Money this is a win-win already try to Work things out with you they do a four Payment plan every two weeks of a Hundred and fifty dollars that they'll Take out every two weeks in order for You to get it paid there's no contract Or hidden fees along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee okay so again this Is a great opportunity stop Procrastinating stop sitting on it some Of y'all have been wanting to go back to School to be a tech sales information Technology or a digital marketing this Is for you take access action faith Without works is dead this is a great Company course careers is a great Company to to go through and get this Course and get out there and change your Life and start making the money you Deserve so make sure you go ahead and

Hit this button where it says sign up so Once you sign up you can start taking This course today okay and also remember That my YouTube videos go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time That's Monday through Sunday make Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through because there are Valuable information in all my videos to Help you get closer to Landing your First your second your third job even a Side hustle and remember subscribe to The channel if you'd like to receive More non-phone work at home jobs 2023 Jobs that are hiring immediately jobs That will train you jobs that you can Actually start working today subscribe To the channel by clicking that red Button and don't forget to turn on your Notification so every time when I upload New videos you'll be notified and never Give you plenty of opportunity to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They go like this and remember on March The 7th 2023 at seven o'clock pm Central Standard Time that's on a Tuesday I will Go YouTube live where it's work from Home q a whatever question you have if You need someone to give you positive Vibes I want to connect with you join me On Mars 7 2023 on YouTube live where we Would talk about work from home and Answer any work from home courses that You may have so mark your calendar for

That day okay so remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you it starts With your mind you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay Thank you so much for watching and make Sure that you go and check out the next Video that is appearing on the screen at The top or at the bottom these are more Work from home job leads to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job thank you so much for watching And I'll see you in the next video bye

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