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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead for You now I've been trying to mix these Job leads up a little bit and have a Little bit of something for everyone not Everyone wants customer service not Everyone wants a health care so if you Have any suggestions of things you would Like to see or specific things you are Looking for please feel free to leave Those in the comments you can even leave Any education and experience that you Have because I do read those and keep That in mind when I am searching for job Leads to share and of course the links To everything I share are always in the YouTube description box below the video If you want to get those applications in Today's job lead is going to be a social Media agent now this is a part-time Remote job through live world now live World has lots of opportunities Available but the one we are going to Focus on is the social media reviewing a Different social media content and Either approve doing it or denying it Now when you click the link in the YouTube description box it's going to Bring you to this main careers page There is a two ways to get to the social Media job one there'll be an orange Pop-up box on the right side of the page That says social media agent job opening

And you can click to view job Description or if you just scroll down The page past the employee testimonials You'll eventually get to a section that Says careers at live world and there'll Be several different colored boxes The Orange Box will say social media agent And if you click the little plus button There the job description will come up But again this is a part-time position And they do have flexible work schedule However you also need to be flexible in When you can work because they are going To need coverage on evenings nights Weekends and holidays but they are Really just looking for someone to Review you and take appropriate action On different social media posts According to the brand guidelines Including rejecting or approving content Tracking or escalating it you don't want Someone spamming the comments of say a Brand's Facebook page you also don't Want somebody putting a lot of negative Energy out there so you're really going To be moderating what is posted and Making sure it follows the guidelines That the brand wants for their social Media you'll triage and respond to Customer questions selecting and Personalizing a previous prepared Responses or in Social context so if They're in the social media comments Asking questions you will have already

Prepared responses that you will copy And paste and send to them through the Comments you'll also research customer Service answers and in some cases client CRM systems now as far as what they're Looking for they're looking for someone That's at least 18 years are older and Has two to three years experience of Some kind of online moderation and Engagement or some kind of customer Service so if you've ever worked in Retail or been a server in a restaurant That counts as customer service so you Don't actually have to have online Moderation experience if you do have the Customer service they say it is helpful If you've previously worked at home but That is not required they do prefer Somebody who has experience in social Media tools such as Salesforce Chronos Different things like that of course You're gonna have to have your own high Speed internet access and it says you're Going to have to have Dependable Telephone access preferred for training So they are going to train you but You're going to have to be able to speak To the person training you for the job But the actual job is going to be Non-phone now this is going to be for United States residents only fluent in Any of these language which is English Danish Dutch Flemish French German Italian Norwegian Portuguese Spanish or

Swedish and of course down here it does Say again they offer a flexible Scheduling now while they did not list The pay in their job description I Always try to do a little bit of Research when I can so on their glass Door page there are several different Positions listed that deal with Moderation and social media one one is Listed as a moderator which is eighty Thousand to a hundred and twenty three Thousand but I am looking more on the Lines of social media moderator looks 46 To 53 000 here 54 to 58 000 on this one That was submitted and if you go back Down online moderator 53 to 63 000 uh moderation agent is 75 to 110 000 social media Specialists 60 to 65 000 so this seems to be a very high Paying gig alright if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say a Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me if you found this job Leader anything that I share helpful Please give this video a thumbs up like Button because that does help me out and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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