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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I'm back with another job For you guys and I hope everybody's Doing good today I'm doing good so let's Go ahead and get straight into it today I'm coming to you guys with a job from Georgetown Learning Center and they're Currently looking for a customer support Specialist to work part-time it does say Full-time there but this is actually a Part-time job and it's available fully Remote in the US okay so let's get into The details the company thinking storm Is an educational company that works With a wide range of K-12 and higher Education Partners to provide customized Online tutoring and academic Support Services to students across the country The thinking storm is looking for a Part-time customer support specialist Who can contribute to a variety of tasks That's going to include customer support And account maintenance user and client Relations technology testing and Documentation and other miscellaneous Tasks their ideal applicant will possess Strong communication skills that's going To be phone and email technological Attitude and a positive attitude you Will be working remotely a modern Computer and reliable high-speed Internet connection is required for Remote workers and preference is going

To be given to applicants who have prior Experience with CRM which is customer Relationship management software Education technology and or customer Support you will be working between 15 And 25 hours per week on weekday Afternoons and or on weekends depending On your availability you're going to Make between 16 to 18 an hour based on Qualifications and experience so you can Send your resume to tutor recruiting at or you can apply with This application here so of course if You're interested in applying you can Find the link in the description bar if You guys already know if you have any Questions or any comments you can leave Those below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching and good luck To everyone

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