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Good morning it's Suzanne today I have a No interview no phone no experience and No resume required job for you this is a Job that I do share every once in a While so if you're new here this is a Great job because they pay up to 46 Dollars per hour to proofread it is with The company you can do this All from the comfort of your home it's Fully remote and two of the career Options that they have is online Proofreading jobs and from time to time They do have online ESL tutoring jobs Now they are not hiring the ESL tutoring Jobs today but you can apply for the Online proofreading jobs so they have Full and part-time remote positions Available they hire part-time and Full-time proofreaders who demonstrate Superlative proofreading and editing Skills you are welcome to apply from any Country so I get a lot of comments from You all asking if these jobs are open Internationally this one may be so if You are in another country make sure That you apply for this job now some of The benefits of working with them is Competitive pay between 19 and 46 Dollars per hour USD depending on the Turnaround time with the highest pay for The most urgent deadlines they give you Flexible hours you can work when you Want right from your living room or

Anywhere in your home or a coffee shop In any time zone you're going to have Great colleagues some of the world's top English proofreaders so you're going to Have some support there if you need some Help you're going to have other people You can rely on to maybe ask questions Things like that now if you're Interested in becoming a proofreader you Can hit that apply to be an online Proofreader it's going to take you to a 20 minute preliminary test this is why You won't have an interview because your Test is basically your interview you're Showing them and proving to them that You know how to edit and proofread if You do have a learning difference and Need additional time or other Accommodations you can email them at Test support now when you hit that apply To be an online proofreader button it is Going to take you to this screen right Here which is the the test they're going To start that timer up in the right hand Corner there you can see when I clicked In it started to count down immediately That 20 minutes so you're going to want To start this as soon as you click that Apply button now this is the preliminary Applicant test you can put in your first Name last name email your location city State and Country and then it's going to Bring up this screen of multiple choice Questions it's going to give you some of

These questions that you'll need to Answer and basically that's going to Tell them whether or not you know you're Good at spelling you know the English Vocabulary well you know grammar those Are the kind of things that you're going To need in this position so if you are Really good with spelling and grammar And the English language then you should Have no problem passing this test and Once you pass this test then they're Going to reach back out to you and talk To you about next steps in the process You're also going to have to write a Three to four sentence writing sample This is an example you listed your city Above what should someone who is Considering moving to your city know be Specific this may or may not be the Question that you get I don't know if The test is the same for everyone but This is an example and then what you Would do is you would write a writing Sample Down Below in that box answering Their question that again is going to Give them an idea about how well you Write the English language in addition To my writing sample being evaluated for Grammar and similar issues I would like To help people by voluntary contributing To a global project catalyting cities Just hit no on that you don't have to do That that's not a requirement of the job It's just a question that they're asking

All right guys if you are interested in This position I'm going to put the Instructions to apply down in the Description I wish you all the best of Luck and I will see you all in the next Video and have a great weekend guys

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