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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you this one is non-phone Customer service it is in the chat realm And they do have a four out of five star Rating from a previous and current Employees on Glassdoor we will get into All that just know that the links if You're interested in applying to this Position are always in the YouTube Description box below this video and of Course if you find this job lead or any Job leads that I share helpful please Give this video a thumbs up like button That helps me out by giving me direct Feedback that it is helpful and share With all your friends and family so we Can all work from home living our Happiest healthiest life but today's job Lead is from the company Step Up For Students now just like it says for Students they are in the education space And so they are looking for someone who Has a passion for children and education Education and wants to make a positive Impact on families they are hiring a Part-time specialist for their e-service And e-service means online service now One thing to quickly note even though The actual position is a part-time Position they are going to train you and Training is paid but you have to be Available full-time 40 hours per week

For the first month or four weeks for That training but Step Up For Students Bridges the gap between customer served Students and they are trying to focus on The core values offering support via Digital channels including electronic Chat Communication email correspondence And all of that so they are looking for Someone proficiently work multiple Online chat conversations at a time so This is going to mean that you have to Be multi-tasker you'll have to explain Their service and answer any questions That the customers have quick likely and Accurately you'll effectively multitask Between different customer service Channels they can include social media Online chat and email so all three of Those are non-phone you'll welcome their Students in a courteous friendly and Professional manner you'll pay attention To the customer and students needs and Concerns so you'll have to show empathy And caring you'll have to confirm Customers understanding of the solution And provide any additional customer Education as needed now they do not Require any kind of college degree the Only requirements they actually have the Minimum requirements are a high school Diploma or GED in one or more years of Customer service experience in some kind Of online environment above that they Would like someone who can type at least

55 words per minute since you are doing Multiple chat sessions someone who is a Critical thinker of course someone who Has strong written communication skills Someone who was excellent reading Comprehension skills someone who is Proficient at working with email and Chat functions and has the ability and Desire to learn be flexible and be that Critical thinker so that you can solve a People's problems now of course this Position is fully remote it does say That it is hourly pay although it does Not list the pay which brings me to Their Glassdoor page now like I said They have a four and a five star rating And they have great reviews one review Even saying that their upper management Is supportive of staff and encourages That work life balance now unfortunately I was not able to find an actual salary For a job title called e-service Specialist but just looking through Their posted salaries of customer a Regular customer resolution specialist Makes anywhere from a 43 to 51 000 Dollars a year with the senior customer Service resolution specialist making Anywhere from 52 to 62 000 a year and Accounts receivable specialist anywhere From 47 to 49 000 a year so if it was a Full-time position you could expect About I'm around about fifty thousand Dollars a year so part-time you can do

The math on that all right as always if This job lead was not for you that's Okay please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for I do read those and keep That in mind thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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