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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with the side hustle coming at You with another work from home position But before we get started do me a favor Hit that red subscribe button also hit That Bell notification button so you can Be notified whenever we post a new video Or do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor take one of our YouTube videos Share with your friends family anyone Who is looking to work from home come Back under this video and type I shared And you will be entered into a drawing To win one of our prizes it may be a Laptop it may be some work from home Gear but make sure you come and type I Shared and you will be entered into the Drawing so thank you for those of you Who have shared before and are Continuing to share well guys today our Position comes from our non-phone blog And it is one that we've talked about Before but we're going to talk about it Again because it is a great side Hustle No interview position and it is Humanatic so basically what humanatic is They review calls for companies and they Have all types of calls that they review And you have to just move the call into The correct Um the correct Department so and you have to make sure You are moving them into the direct up

Department these are not live calls However they are used to make Um they are used to in making choices When you are calling automated systems So it is some type of artificial Intelligence that when you do it it Affects it they put it in the Algorithm for these calls that is what It does now for a humanatic you will Need a verified PayPal account and by Verified we mean it needs to be linked To a bank account a confirming bank Account you need to verify your credit And debit card information and you need To also provide your social security Number that is a verified PayPal account That is how they pay and you have to Have a verified PayPal account or they Will not approve your account so what You will be doing is you will be Reviewing calls so when I worked for Humanatic I reviewed Auto calls I had to Place the cost where it went if it went To sales service Um if it went to Um What else was it it was something else I Can't think of it right now but it was Three com uh three departments and I Would have to answer look at listen to Each call and place it into the correct Department and they paid per review I Don't remember how much it was but this Is a great side hustle you can do this

While you're working something else you Can do this while you are in the grocery Store if you have a little head but you Can do it anywhere so this is a great Side hustle I would advise you to get it And put it in your basket thank you for Listening have a great day bye

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