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Hey hey hey happy Monday two chicks fam It is me Carl I am back with a part-time Work from home job but before I jump Into this awesome video if you missed The live stream last night you missed a Good one make sure you guys go back and Check out that live stream interesting Side hustle that nobody really talks About nobody really knew that this Particular side hustle even existed make Sure you smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up The video and make sure you share guys We are trying to get to 100 000 subscribers before the end of the Year make sure you go tell a friend take The video put it on your social media Platform be sure to come back leave us a Comment Hop over to the two chicks blog it is Two chicks with the side look Under the spotlight's job section make Sure you apply for Omni interactions They posted a new gig on the portal make Sure you guys hop over here check it out Make sure you share this is a no Interview beginner friendly company let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job you guys are looking For and if you want those non-phone jobs Hop over check them out on the blog be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys let's get Into the video the company is called

Verta or verta They are looking to feel their part-time Patient support specialist position now It says here guys as a patient support Associate you will be on the front lines Representing the virta health to assist Our current and prospective patients With their virta accounts current Currently through email and phone It says we are Partners to celebrate our Patience the winds and are there to help Solve any difficulties now you will Answer the patient emails following Voter policies and standards you will Make phone calls to patients to help Solve problems and troubleshoot the Issues you will also properly escalate Patient concerns to appropriate teams And internal stakeholders to ensure the Voice of the patient is heard through The company you will meet internal Success metrics for Quality response Times and also for accuracy now Let's scroll on down they want you to Build relationships with the patient Support team and the larger virta Organization so you must have strong and Effective communication skills with the Ability to problem solve experience and Comfort using multiple digital tools and Systems also High attention to detail Also ability to think critically and be Data driven in solving the patient Problems operational experience

Especially in a fast growing rapidly Changing environment and open to working One week in day as you guys can see here Training will be provided it says right Here and I do see 18 to 19 Per hour for this part-time job so again The company is verta And they are looking to feel their Part-time patient support specialist Position and guys you already know these Part-time jobs on our Channel they don't Last long at all and they're looking for Someone that is open to working one Weekend a day they will provide training 18 to 19 dollars per hour for this job Make sure you go over to Google type Inverter check out what comes up look at The reviews from other people that may Have worked for this company in the past Or they could be current employees make Sure you write down something about the Company before you apply for the job This way guys if you get that interview And some of the companies they do ask What do you know about our company where Did you hear about this company of Course you would want to tell them you Heard it right here from us two chicks With a side Hustle but they may ask you What do you know about virta do you know Something about this company when was The company founded who founded the Company how many employees or what does This company what are we all about that

So make sure you guys jot down that Information again before you apply for The job and then You want to share the video you want to Share the video get on this giveaway List we are giving away 10 more brand New laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys make sure you share the Video on your social media platforms Don't forget to come back leave us a Comment now the link to the job it will Be posted right below the video in the Description box hop over to Facebook Join join join kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you guys come over there and Join the group a lot of people guys have Been hired with various companies and I Want you guys to come over here so you Can see the companies that these people Have been hired at come over here and Watch these people Watch these posts that people have Posted in our group the success stories Is what I like to call them so come on Over there guys make sure you join and While you're over on Facebook make sure You follow the Facebook business page it Is two chicks with the side hustle we're Giving away two additional laptop Computers again absolutely free to you Guys you don't have to pay for anything The only thing that we ask is that you Take our content and you share it with Your friends your family members you can

Even tag your friends and family members Over on that platform so again come over There two chicks with a side hustle Facebook business page and follow us We're trying to get to 100K over on that Platform as well and then you want to Follow us guys over on Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle we are doing A pop-up giveaway between now and the End of the year so make sure you come Over there follow us tag and share That's all I'm gonna say tag and share Or you can put us in some of your Stories and reels and be sure to leave Us a comment over there somewhere my Name is Carol I'll catch you lovely Wonderful people in the next video Bye YouTube

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