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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Coming from the company performant and Performance has quite a few work from Home jobs definitely check out their Career section but today we're going to Be talking about their client services Operations support representative this Is a remote job available in the U.S It's full time and has a pay range Between 15 and 19 an hour so it is an Entry-level job and you aren't required To have any experience of course Experience is preferred but it's not Required okay so with this job right Here you're going to be responsible for Providing clerical support and efficient Processing of high volume transaction Oriented assignments for performance Healthcare eligibility and Recovery Services business operations this is a Fully remote position and you will be Filing copying processing documents and Mail and Performing basic data entry Phone calls and operating General office Equipment you will be processing Incoming correspondence including Posting payments that's going to be Checks EFT and debit and credit cards And some phone work is required you're

Going to be contacting insurance Carriers and health care providers to Gather payment information you will be Performing data entry entering into Various systems and applications annual Accurately and officially perform the Sign task ensuring adherence to all Company departmental and client policies Procedures federal and state regulations And contractual compliance you will Achieve or exceed quality and Productivity expectations and obtain and Maintain any client clearances for System and record access that may be Required for the position you must Complete your assigned training on time With acceptable scores and you will have Other tasks as well they'd like for you To have the ability to perform basic Tasks in Microsoft Excel and Word Programs with occasional assistance Basic use of general office equipment Good communication in problem solving Skills basic math skills and fast and Accurate typing skills be responsible And have some customer service skills You will need to be able to obtain and Maintain client required clearances as Well as past company regular background And Drug screenings you will complete a Teller worker agreement so again Experience is preferred they prefer if You had some experience generally one Year or more in related office clerical

Support but that's not a requirement you Will need to have your high school Diploma or GED and here is the start of The application right here of course if You're interested in applying check out That link in the description bar you Guys know that I wish you the best of Luck and I'll see you guys in my next Video thank you so much for watching

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