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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back and I am so excited about This one because Delta they are hiring Again make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this channel guys We give away laptops and if you want to Win take my video post it on Facebook Post it on Tick Tock share it with a Friend but don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment down below also guys Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Are looking for and if you are looking For a non-phone part-time skip the Interview company make sure you guys hop Over here to the two chicks with the Side blog and look on the Home page look for tell us they have an Opportunity available their Raider Position is now open again so make sure You guys apply don't forget guys to look Down below in the comments and sign up For Branded surveys easy peasy survey Site let's jump in so the company is Delta and they are seeking guys to hire Their Elite service associate and as you Guys can see this is a full-time Position that allows you to work from Home including an 11 week paid virtual Training so keep that in mind when you Apply for this job 11 weeks of training That's roughly around two and a half Months so it says the starting wage is 14.25 per hour with ongoing career and

Compensation advancement opportunities The opportunity for a pay increase to 15 Per hour based on performance and Attendance following six months of Continuous employment from date of hire In addition we are proud to offer a Competitive benefit package which Includes medical dental vision coverage Options other benefits include 401K pay Vacation paid holidays and personal time Off in partnership with Delta Airlines We also offer air travel benefits and Low-cost vacation opportunities so that Is perfect for somebody somebody on here Wants to work for Delta I'm I'm pretty Sure a lot of people do Elite service Associates connect with the customers Via phone and create an experience where Customers know they have been heard Understood they feel valued and Important it says this is accomplished By effective listening quickly Identifying and owning customer issues Actively searching for solutions to Problems making quality decisions Interacting with a globally diverse Group of customers and colleagues Commendable and priority handling of Inbound service calls and communicating Applicable information to the customers Now this one guys you really don't need Experience so I would say if you want to Apply just apply what you need to Succeed minimum qualifications 18 years

Of age or older high school diploma GED Or high school equivalency and be Authorized to work in the U.S be willing To work full time it says at this point Point right now they do not offer Part-time schedules ability to multitask Duties as well as the ability to Understand multiple products computer Skills and comfort with navigating Web-based and Airline specific software Applications email and internet searches Have dedicated high-speed internet with Connection speeds of 10 Mbps upload and 25 Mbps download demonstrate clear Pleasant courteous verbal and written Communication using appropriate grammar Tone and punctuation proven reliable and Committed by maintaining excellent Attendance performance self-motivation And goal attainment it says successfully Pass a pre-employment background check And drug test Embraces diverse people Thinking and the Styles consistently Makes Safety and Security of self and Others number one priority so this one Guys we posted it on the two chicks blog Again the company is Delta they are Seeking to hire their Elite service Associates this one will go fast so be Sure to hurry up and apply the pay is 14.25 an hour with an opportunity for an Increase to 15 per hour based on your Performances and attendance following Six months of continuous employment from

Date of higher So within six months guys You could be getting a raise of 75 cents And this is a full-time job so keep that In mind that the training is also 11 Weeks but it is paid I did not see any State restrictions on here I believe They hire from everywhere but don't Quote me on that now the link will be Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can hurry up And apply for a Delta make sure you guys Do some research I'm pretty sure you Will get an interview with this one and You will probably need to know something About Delta this may be one of those Tricky interviews where they just might Ask what do you know about Delta Airlines and you guys will be prepared And not surprised you would want to be So jot down any information that you Think might be important just in case You guys get an interview be sure to Share this information with your best Friend your mom your dad or anybody That's looking for a legit work from Home job like I said I'm pretty sure There are a lot of people out there that Want to work for Delta from home make Sure you guys come back so and leave me That comment down below also don't Forget to hop on over to Facebook make Sure you join kiss that cubicle goodbye Also guys don't forget to follow us on Our other social media platforms we do

Have a Facebook business page two chicks With the side hustle we also have a Instagram and a Twitter two chicks with The side hustle and we are doing Giveaways Guys across all of these Platforms except for Twitter but the YouTube the Instagram the face book the Business page we're giving away laptops Like crazy so make sure you guys go Spread the word go tell a friend share This information but don't forget to Leave us a comment somewhere my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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