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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another recruiter reached Out skipped the interview work whenever You want and this is an easy side hustle Egg guys make sure you guys subscribe Like and share so that you don't miss Any videos that we post each and every Single day on the channel now if you Missed the videos from yesterday you Missed a lot of them be sure to go back And check out all of those videos that I Dropped on the channel yesterday make Sure you share them with a friend Sharon Is caring on this channel guys you know Why because we do believe in giving back To our subscribers and we are giving Away 10 brand new laptop computers 10 More because we've already given away 12. so there will be 10 lucky winners on This YouTube channel once we reach a Hundred thousand subscribers so make Sure you take my video share it with a Friend put it in some Facebook groups But don't forget to come back leave us a Comment down below also guys don't Forget about tell us tell us is hiring Like crazy they are looking to feel Their Raider position it is 14 an hour Look on the two chicks with the side blog scroll down and look for Tell us and don't forget to let us know What type of work from home job you're Looking for and be sure to sign up for Branded surveys so guys the first thing

You want to do you want to come on the Blog it is two chicks with the side scroll down to where it says Recruiter reached out and we are going To focus on this company right here in Touch Insight they are looking for Mystery shoppers you literally can sign Up to this one today guys and if they Have some shops available in your area You can start this one today so let's Hop on over to their website so I want You guys to look at the FAQs the Frequently asked questions it says when And how do I get paid so this one says To ensure that Safety and Security of All transactions InTouch Insight only Pays contractors via Paypal it says that The payments occur every second Friday For the shops dated up to the last day Of the previous week for example shops Between January the 1st and the 14th Exclusively will be paid on January the 20th payments are typically sent to PayPal by noon of the payday so that is Perfect and they do have some other Questions on here so the next one is how Do I request slash assign myself to a Shop so it says here so you want to pick Up an assignment or two great choice all Of insight or InTouch Insight shops and Audit opportunities are available for Pickup through the I secret shop Platform and from what I've been told And I did speak with the recruiter she

Stated that they get tons thousands of Shops to do each month so they need People like crazy and I believe they do Hire in all 50 states if I'm not Mistaken it says that on a computer now Guys you would click on an available Shop in the left hand sidebar use the Map or filtering options to find an Opportunity near you or where you are Traveling to once you see a shop that You're interested in Click The View Details read through the job I mean read Through the full description to get a Brief overview of the requirements Scroll to the bottom of the description And look for what date within the range You will do this shop select the date You would like to complete the shop and Hit confirm date and you're all done and You should see a message pop up to let You know you were able to self-assign Yourself guys that shop so this is an Easy one this is another egg for you Guys to get in your basket if you have Not signed up to this company be sure to Sign up today because you can start Literally working today don't forget to Share my video somebody out there is Looking for these legit mystery shops And trust me guys I see them all the Time posted in groups but they are scams And people are sick and tired of scams So make sure you share this great Information with a friend or a family

Member or anybody that you know that Might be looking for these legit Mystery Shop companies let them know that the Recruiter reached out and they can Literally start working today make sure You hop on over to Facebook you join Kiss thank you because goodbye you Follow us on our two chicks with a side Hustle that is our Facebook business Page guys we are doing a lot of Giveaways so if you want to stay in the Loop be sure to follow like and share That is all you guys have to do or Invite your people to our Facebook group Also don't forget about Twitter and Instagram two chicks with a side hustle Instagram we are getting so close to 10 000 followers be sure to follow us over There guys create a story create a real Put us in your stories or your reels you Can tag us and we will see it we do have A few of our subscribers already over There on Instagram sharing our Information it is not too late guys the Giveaway is still going on my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye You too

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