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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Seasonal contact center remote position With the company Harry and David if you Don't know about Harry and David they Sell like holiday gifts and things like That so this is going to be a job that You can get during the holidays if you Want to earn a little extra cash this is Going to be a good one for you so They're paying around 17 dollars per Hour it's a remote opportunity and Harry And David they grow together learn to Get together and celebrate together do You want to make some extra money for Holiday shopping join the contact center Team while working from home they're Looking to fill hundreds of seasonal Positions including sales and service Specialists com Specialists and E-support Specialists so basically there Are three different customer service Positions you can apply for any of them Some of them are chat some are through Social media some of them are on the Phone so you're just going to want to go Ahead and take a look through those Mostly going to be processing orders That come through those different venues All right so requirements minimum of one Year of experience and customer service Applicant must successfully pass Training and meet all expectations Exceptional sales ability knowledge of

Computer-based systems and good verbal And written skills required now you do Have to have the minimum system Requirements of course because it is Remote you're going to be working from Your computer so you need to make sure And have all of these and let's see Anything else down here that's Interesting you're going to need a Headset with a mic because you're going To be talking on the phone Mouse Touchpad and keyboard and a cell phone Or landline they probably want you to Have a second one of those just in case One goes out you have a backup all right Guys if you're interested in this Position I'm going to go ahead and leave That link Down Below in the description Otherwise if you're new here welcome my Name is Suzanne I post two to three work From home job leads every day so make Sure you subscribe hit that notification Bell so that you get those jobs quickly As soon as they post because the good Work from home jobs that go very quickly Alright guys I'll see you tomorrow

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