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Foreign [Music] For you guys and this job is coming from The company Circa lighting okay and They're currently looking for customer Service specialists and this job has Some decent pay so let's go ahead and Get straight into the details but this Job right here you're going to be Effectively handling a high volume of Inbound calls chat and email slash Zendesk increase during schedule shifts As assigned you will accurately process Quotes orders and returns and follow Through with customer inquiries ensuring A high level of customer satisfaction You will resolve routine customer issues Independently escalating queries and Concerns to managers as appropriate Annual actively participate in training Involving their products systems and Design annual exhibit professionalism With customers of course and they want You to have one to three years of Previous experience in customer service Be a high school graduate two to four Year college graduate is preferred Strong aptitude for and proficiency Navigating crms in and Order Management Systems experience and interior design Custom home building products and luxury Home furnishings and or lighting Industry is a plus the ability to Communicate properly exceptional

Organizational skills time management Skills and exceptional communication and You do need to be able to work a Flexible schedule that's going to Include weekends early mornings and late Evenings so they are going to provide You with training also benefits as well So your schedule will be Monday through Thursday from 11 30 a.m Eastern Standard Time to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time Saturday from 9 A.M Eastern Standard Time to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time and You will be off on Friday and Sunday and The pay for this job is between 20 to 26 Dollars an hour based on experience okay So you will need to create an account to Apply for this job and then you can Proceed with the application of course If you're interested in applying with This job you can find the link in the Description bar if you guys have any Questions or any comments feel free to Leave below and as usual good luck to Everyone thank you for watching and I'll See you guys in my next video

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