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Hello everyone and I am back with work From home jobs one that you can set your Own hours this is a 1099 job this is a Full-time job so we're going to dive Right into it but make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Why because I am doing a resume demo Where I am stating if I was applying for This job this is how my resume will be Okay so we're going to go ahead and dive Right into the job okay Now we're talking about the company rest Logic okay they're seeking sales support Specialists to work from home now when You go down here It says that they're well-based software Platform features a powerful full Feature online reservation management System in Cutting Edge respond multiple Channels online book an engine to give You Leisure Travel company a clear Competitive Advantage under the manic Internet booking engine seamless with Their robust back office calls to the Platform provide a truly complete Solution so you're going to be dealing With customers just only online okay now According to Glassdoor the pay is Between 22 and 28 an hour so that's Between 880 to 1120 per week Again this is a full-time job and when You go into details the person will be Responsible for assisting the sales team With various tasks that support the

Effort to rapidly increase their annual Recurring Revenue This position will report to the Director of sales and provide a great Opportunity to have immediate impact With while learning about aspects of the Organization to set the stage for a Career advancement so this company will Do advancements so that is the great Thing about this company here and again This is a full independent contractor Position that is a 1099 job allows you The flexibility to work from a home Office as well as when they do offer Flexibility you can kind of choose when You want to work And when we go into a little bit deeper Some of the responsibility is a new lead Generation Advanced assistant leads and respond to new Sales Inc Queries From various sources Also you assist directors of sales and Secure online demos with various Requests Um to the sales organization as well as You will help on board new customers and Transition them from sales to support And then you're going to provide weekly And monthly updates by Reports and dashboards and meet Established goals and assist with Troubleshooting here

Okay really easy job now the requirement Is a bachelor's degree preferable and Business or related field or equivalent Experience now if you don't have a Bachelor's degree don't worry about it Still apply for the job there is a lot Of people that receive a job offer and They don't have a bachelor's degree like I did yeah I didn't even have a Bachelor's degree on me doing medical Billing and coding but I did get the job And they want you to have two years of Experience in professional environment They want to be tech savvy with the Ability to quicklearn and Other internal systems strong Interpersonal in organization skills Make for sure you take a pen and write These Downs these are some of the skills That you need to implement into your Resume I'm strong interpersonal and Organization skills excellent customer Service skill it must be detailed Nomadic uh motivated self-starter Capable of higher product and a remote Work environment and experience in the Travel industry is a plus okay so if You're interested in applying for the Job now you will have to send your Resume to this email address right here Okay before we do a resume demo okay I Want to give leave you some Encouragement words is to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a

Job out there being made for you you're Almost at the finish line and so many People just want to throw in the towel Before they finish their race I get it Um you some people have applied for Multiple positions and still haven't Gotten a job it's okay it's not the end Of the world no no me no it means next Opportunities so go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs I am trying to do my part to help You get closer to Landing your remote Job in 2023 but you got to do your part Okay before I go into a resume demo I Want to go in and show you um again I'm All about multiple screens at mcom is um Course careers Different companies have partnered with Course careers because they're looking To train people that are interested in Becoming a it or techno um Specialists or Tech sales to work from Home and you can make anywhere between 60k to 100K per year I'm not going to go Into details because I've already made a Full video about that where I go into Details but if you ever wanted to get Into text sales then you need to start Off with their free introduction course Where it would tell you all the Information about Information Technology As well as text sales again that Information is in my YouTube description

Bar okay now we're going to go into the Resume now okay Now like I always say if I was applying For this job this is how my resume would Look like you would want to put your First and last name you will want to Have your phone number you want to have A professional email address suzyjones or you can choose Susie doe Jones it's up to you now You're going to see me go back and forth Like I always say so you can understand When I go back into Um this this job here you want to copy And paste this job title word for word Into your resume so you want to say Sales support specialist remote you Always want to say remote because they May have jobs that you can go in person And you want to work remotely Then you want to have a great resume Summary that is straight to the point as Well as tell you know the ATS which is The African tracking system as well as Hiring manager or recruiter what job are You seeking within the company because You know that these Fortune 500 Companies they have a lot of remote jobs Or jobs in general that they're hiring For so I say exceptional sales support Professional who knows how to handle Large workloads and exceed quotas great Customer service skills to provide Clients with best service possible and

Resolve conflicts when they arise Leadership skills to take initiative and Encourage team members to perform at Their best Now as you can see I have you know um Keywords in here Um I'm telling people what I am Searching for sell support Um professional so they know that I'm Looking for that type of job and I talk About customer service skills that is One of the skills as well as leadership Skills is is one of it take in this of Um resolve conflicts exceed quotas team Members these are all keyword skills That are also in the job post as well Okay so like when I go back into the job Post as I said earlier to pay attention To Um the skills here Um troubleshooting right here that is One that you need to put under your Skills You also need to put tech savvy Um learn strong Interpersonal organization skills Customer service skills detail or all of Those need to be under your skills Section dymatic Self-starter and then experience in the Travel industrial a plus those are the Words that you need to implement into Your key components so in your key Components which is the same as skills I

Put strong attention to details Excellent organization skills motivated Self-starter travel industrial a plus Active listening because you have to Listen sales operation again Interpersonal skills sales sales problem solving strong Analytical time management skills Ability to multitask Savvy and Troubleshooting you can also research This too as well Like I did is I typed in what are the Hard skills and this is what are the Hard skills of a sales support Specialist this is what appears sales Operation sales account management Sales Management Inventory management customer service in Retail as well as you can research what Are the soft skills of sales support Specialist which is required strong Analytical organization and time Management skills okay these are the Skills that you need to implement into Your resume in order for your resume to Stand out and pass the African tracking System because that is what you're Trying to do is make it through the Africa tracking system once you make it Through the applicant tracking system Congrat congratulations it is time for Your interview so make for sure that you Go ahead and You know check it out and um do a great

Job now I'm gonna go over the Professional experience now a lot of Times like again I am a job coach resume Review and I review resumes all the time And these resumes are not in complete Sentences you should always highlight Um the company's name your title and you Need to put down when you start and if You're currently there and it should be Bullet points okay I know it's nothing Here I'm gonna show you a example resume Again I got this information on indeed Right here okay Um so say for example if I was Administrative assistant and I was Applying for this sales support Specialist Um job my resume Will be similar to this okay this is What what you have to do is basically is You're rearranging the bullet points in Your current job or your past job to Match the job title so I would go in Here if I was administrative assistant And say what did I do on this job that Is similar to a sales support specialist So when I go in here it says manage Executive calendars coordinate meetings Appointments events and travel Arrangements so I will put that first Yep and then provide ongoing Administrative support to senior Executive driving organization Success Through the management data operation

And special project I'll put that second And then you could say plan coordinate And finalize details for travel Arrangements and Business Development Event because it goes hand in hand that You're dealing with customers even Though it's not on the phone but it's Some kind of way you're dealing with Customers Um also um you're you're reporting to The senior executive that's Communication skills and you just go Through all of these jobs that you had And just look at and say What did I do in this job that is Similar to the job that I am I'm Applying for and you just rearrange your Bullet points because African tracking System reads from top to bottom now this Is a great example now the only Difference is the skills is down the Bottom I feel that the skills should be It should be the summary the skills and Your work experience and then education At the bottom some people may disagree But that is how I've done all of my Resume is where I had Um the job title the resume summary the Key components to professional Experience and then at the bottom is my Education okay so I hope that this has Been helpful if it has been helpful make Sure you subscribe to the channel Because my channel is all about none

From work at home job leads they go out Every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time I'm here putting in the Work to try to give you that job Information so you can go ahead and Apply so you can get a job so I hope by Explaining this resume and how to get Your rest resume Taylor how to take the Keywords from the job posting Implemented into your resume have been Helpful make sure you share the Channel With everyone you know they could Benefit it if you would like to become a Member of the YouTube channel I would Love to have you shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you thank you so much For watching and I'm going to say this Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but you got to go out there and Ground with insurance by applying for These jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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