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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead for You this one is more in the side hustle Side gig I know a lot of you are wanting Options of things that you can just log In and work when you want to to make a Little bit of extra money in between Full-time jobs and you're not looking to Completely change the full-time job you Have so today that is what we are doing Going through some opportunities that You can just log in and work and make Extra money when you have extra time Today we will be looking at Cloud Workers now Cloud workers has a 3.6 out Of 5 star rating on glass door and I Will leave both their glass door page And their main application page link Down in the YouTube description box in Case you want to get those applications In but Cloud workers is hiring chat Moderators now if you scroll down this Page it does say that you're going to Have to provide your own computer and Your own internet they do not provide Any computer equipment for you but they Outline if you go down to the job Description how it works you'll just Have to hit this little read more sign But basically chat they're looking for Chat moderators to be engaged in Text-based online chats in one or more Online social Community platforms so

This is completely non-phone you'll just Be chatting back and forth now one thing To quickly note about pay before we move On they do not list an actual pay rate In the job description because you are Paid per chat that you send so the Amount of work that you do or less work That you do will depend on your pay they Do pay per chat though now they are also Hiring worldwide it says you can work From their chat interface anywhere in The world and you get to set your own Schedule you decide when you are working And one thing to note when you do submit Your application it's nice to have Experience in a chop chat moderator Realm but it is not required they do not Require any kind of experience Whatsoever if you do keep scrolling down A past the application page they have a Question and answer page now a few of The question answers to note is and There are absolutely no fees associated With this that they will not charge you Any fees to be a moderator on your team You simply submit your application and Then what is going to happen is the next Step after you submit your application Is the training now training is Mandatory because they got to show you Kind of what they want you to do this is The only time you're really going to Have to have a phone conversation is With your trainer they are going to

Reach out to you via Skype or telephone It says it takes about an hour of your Time but your trainer is going to talk To you and tell you what you need to do Get you all all set up and then that's It you'll simply have access to the Cloud worker platform and you can log in Whenever you want to make extra money And start sending chats back and forth Now as far as pay goes if you work and Send chats back and forth in a month Payments are made on the first 10 Business days of the month for the work Done in the prior month so they only pay Once a month so that means any work done From March 1st to March 31st would be Paid in the first 10 days of the next Month so between so when March ends all Of the money you made for March will we Pay to you between April 1st and April 10th payments can either be made via Bank transfer like ACH direct deposit or PayPal if you're enjoying this little Break from normal corporate work from Home jobs for these little side gigs let Me know down in the comments below or Let me know how you feel about these Side gigs all together thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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