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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this one Right here is coming from the company IV Math okay and this is going to be a Pretty flexible side hustle type job for You you're going to be making about Twenty dollars an hour and you can work From anywhere in the US so we're gonna Get into the details IV math is looking For online math tutors you must have a Strong math background through Algebra 2 And you must be high energy fun and Great working with kids and all sessions Are run via zoom and it's going to be One-on-one online with students in Grades 2 through 12. so this is going to Be perfect for college students graduate Students substitute teachers or anyone Who loves math and teaching young kids And like I said before you can live Anywhere in the US so you will be Teaching math in a clear and fun way in 30 minute online session you do not Teach students in groups all Curriculum Lesson plans and student scheduling is Handled by their math managers you don't Have to do any prep work all you have to Do is show up and teach and in addition To tutoring you're going to be Communicating with IV math managers to Discuss each student's progress and

You're going to record monthly update Videos for parents as well so you will Need to commit to at least 15 hours per Week you're going to be able to set Schedules based on your availability and Your availability must remain mostly Consistent week to week each semester And the sessions are done Monday through Friday 2 P.M to 10 p.m Eastern Standard Time each day and you must have previous K-12 math tutoring or teaching Experience you must have a dynamic Personality and an ease working Virtually with kids you must have strong Math fundamentals a math sat of 700 plus Or equivalent and you must be able to Pass the IV math literacy test you must Be able to teach math to kids in a clear And fun way and you must have a computer And reliable high-speed internet service Must be punctual and have good time Management skills you must be a current Undergrad student or older so again this Is twenty dollars an hour and here is The start of the application right here And of course if you guys are interested In applying for this job go ahead and Check out the link in the description Bar you guys know if you have any Questions or comments you can leave Those below and as usual thank you guys So much for watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to those who Apply for the job

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