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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with a skip the interview work Whenever you want telephone Mystery Shop Inside hustle egg make sure you guys go Over and apply for this one if you are New here make sure you subscribe like And share on this channel we talk about Legit work from home jobs side gig side Hustles just different ways that you Guys can make money from the comfort of Your very own home and we also give away Laptops on this channel so if you want To win a laptop guys all you have to do Is take the videos take the blog links And share them on your social media Platforms invite your friends your Family members over here to the channel Be sure to come back and leave us a Comment we are trying to get to 100 000 subscribers so help us get there and Thank you so much to the ones that have Been sharing our great content make sure You guys hop over here to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section if you are brand new to working From home or if you are looking for a Company that can supplement your income Look under the spotlight job section be Sure to apply for Omni interactions this Company guys is a beginner friendly Company and they are a quick hire make Sure you guys look down below in the Comments and sign up for Branded surveys And let us know in the comments what

Type of work from home job you guys are Looking for let's jump right on in so The company is called perception Strategies they are looking to feel Their health care mystery shopping work From home side hustle see these are Those side hustle eggs guys that you Need to be for applying to so you can Feel that basket up because our motto is You can't just have one stream of income Multiple streams of income is what you Guys have to have in 2022 so let's jump right on in it says The healthcare mystery shopping studies Behavior and process also evaluates the Organizations adheres to the own Prescribed values and the standards we Also identify behavioral Characteristics of high and low Performance to be used in motivating and Coaching employees now let's scroll on Down it says types of Health Care Mystery shopping how do you determine Exactly what the patient or consumer Experience is so that you can take Action to improve it the answer is Health Care mystery Shopping Guide so This is a easy one so basically you're Calling probably I'm just gonna guess Doctors offices you could be calling Like a pharmacy just to see how will you Be treated on the other end of the phone So I do see here in-person shops process Shops price transparency calls

Competitor calls customer service call Files customize appointment calls access Studies also observation shops as well So this is an easy egg the company again Is perception strategies and they are Looking to feel Health Care mystery Shopping and this is a telephone mystery Shopping opportunity for those of you That are looking for those side hustle Eggs make sure you get this one in your Basket make sure you go over to Google Do some research although it is a skimpy Interview you still would want to Research who you are working for make Sure you share my awesome video with Your friends and family members be sure To come back leave me a comment down Below hop on over to Facebook join us Kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure you Guys follow us on our other social media Platforms we do have a Facebook business Page where we're going to do another Giveaway on that page guys so make sure You are following us it is two chicks With the side hustle we are going to Give away two additional laptops Absolutely free and anybody can win so This way this increases your chances of Winning something from us so in case you Don't win over here on the YouTube Channel you still have a chance to enter Into the drawing over on that platform We're trying to get to 100 000 followers and we are dancing right

Around 52 000 so make sure you guys come Over there start sharing and tagging Because over there on that platform you Can tag somebody in the comments so make Sure you guys hop over there and also Follow us on Instagram we're trying to Do another giveaway before the end of The year so let's get the word out there Share this great information to a friend Tell somebody about what we are all About guys and what we are trying to do My name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye

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