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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead for you this one is Going to be non-phone it is for my United States folks only and of course If you're interested in putting those Applications in the links to this page Are always in the YouTube description Box below the video you may have to hit The little more button to have the Entire description open up but today's Job lead is from the huge retailer Target Target needs no introduction here In the United States they are hiring a Senior Administrative Assistant now this Is remote or an option for hybrid but we Are only interested in the remote option And it is a full-time position now they Don't give a whole lot of details on the Actual job duties you'll be an Administrative assistant and be Supporting multiple executive leaders at The same time so you'll need to Demonstrate a keen ability to think Critically in a fast paced environment You're basically going to be the Extension of the leaders complementing Their work style while upholding targets Values and demonstrating a Poise Professionalism and Leadership so you'll Be managing multiple priorities at a Time process while staying up to date on The ever-changing retail Marketplace so Some of the things that you might have

To do is book their travel keep their Meetings from overlapping keep the Minute for their meetings help them with Email all of their administrative things Keep their calendar up to date just Anything that they need you to do so You'll really need exceptional time Management skills to keep these very High up Executives running smoothly with Their job duties now best thing of all About this they are not requiring any Kind of college degree just a high School diploma or GED they do want Somebody who has two years of some kind Of administrative experience someone who Has great verbal and written Communication skills someone who can be Resilient and comfortable working in Those gray areas accountable someone who Has high attention to detail and of Course that someone is preferred that Has experience using Microsoft Office That's going to be word excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote all of those things best Part about this position is going to be The pay of course pay is always going to Be dependent on several factors Including your education your skills and Experience and your location but pays Anywhere from 23.13 cents an hour all The way up to 41.63 cents an hour now if you do get a Job offer make sure you aren't Negotiating that salary as they do have

It in their budget to pay up to 41 Dollars an hour of course they also Offer a standard benefit package that Includes medical dental vision life Insurance 401K paid time off all of the Things all right if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me always feel free to leave In the comments anything specific that You're looking for I do read those and Keep that in mind and if you found this Job leader any job leads that I share Helpful please give this video a thumbs Up like button as that does give me Direct feedback that I am being helpful To someone and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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