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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another side hustle type position and Again this is a transcription position And again transcription it's a great Side hustle for those of you who are Quick typist or who are aspiring to be Quick typists Um these types of side hustles range From beginner level to um advanced level And the company we're going to talk About in this video scribby does just That they have built in where you can Become an entry-level transcriber and They promote you to other positions so Scurby is another transcription company Again it is work from home it is great For beginner transcriptions Um It is again a type of freelance Crowdsource transcription they take Beginners so if you are a beginner and You are looking to enter into the world Of transcription scurpee is a good one Um again you have to pass the test so What you'll do is you will apply and Once you apply you will take a test Which is similar to the work you'll be Doing so you'll take a test and it may Have you transcribe some Um a six minutes I think it's about six Minutes of transcription and you'll Transcribe that and do it to the us as Directed by the style guide and then if

You pass the test they will pay you for The time for the file you had trans had Transcribed now if you don't pass the Test they will not pay you and they are Paid again through PayPal and you need a Verified PayPal with scrimmie Um Also They pay between five dollars and twenty Five dollars per audio hour and again an Audio hour is an hour worth of audio and If it takes you two hours to type it You'll still get whatever they're paying Per audio hour so make sure you know the Difference between regular 15 an hour to Fifteen dollars per audio hour Um scribby is a good company because They will move you up so everybody Starts off at the transcription level Um and then you'll move up to like a Reviewer Um and then a proofreader and then a Quality tracker so you can move up and Do different things with scribby um And make more money so make sure you Check them out go ahead and click apply Here and go ahead and apply and take the Test again you need a verified PayPal And also they offer bonuses so make sure You go ahead and apply and get this egg In your basket have a great day bye

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