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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another work from home job where you can Start working today these companies are Hiring immediately they are looking for You they're looking for someone like you To hire melee so make sure you just jump On the bandwagon and apply for these Jobs where you can start working today If your paperwork goes through uh Correctly you can actually start working Today that have happened to me but I had To tell them to say can you wait until Next week before I can start working but Again today we're going to talk about Companies that you can actually start Working today I'm going to talk about One company so make sure that you Um consider subscribing to the channel If you would like to receive more Non-phone work at home job please they Go out every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time so let's go ahead and dive Right into the job now we're going to be Talking about the company as you can see On the screen study point there are Currently seeking email marketing Specials to work from home this is a Full-time position again it's remote Even though it says Greater Boston I Want to scroll down and I want to show You something here about what they're Suggested here they said Boston's errors Are preferred in this opportunity and This is an opening for immediate hire so

They're looking to hire somebody Immediately to start actually today okay They reached out to me but when you go Down a little bit further in the Locations here Candidates from any part of the country Will be considered though Boston area is Preferred to either work in office a few Days a week candidates from any part of The country will be considered so you Can be working anywhere in the world you Know they will consider you okay even Though it says Boston is preferred I Mean if you live in Boston that's great If you don't live in Boston still apply For the job anyway okay and the salary The starting range depend on experience But it's 50 000 or higher that is the Salary and remember you can always Negotiate your salary if you feel like You have more experience you can always Negotiate your salary I did it many Times and my salary was increased okay Now we're going to go more into details About what you're going to be doing on This job some of the responsibility is You're going to manage the planning the Execution and continuous Improvement of Their assistant email marketing campaign You're going to coordinate A and B Testings of various email campaign Features subject lines send times Etc You're going to analyze campaign results And present followers to marketing

Executive leadership teams you're going To manage a blend of online marketing Strategies and channels to increase Word Of Mouth sales and improve customers Retention as well as you're going to do In addition to the above core Responsibility you'll have the Opportunity to wear multiple marketing Hats and contribute on projects as they Look to continue on the marketing front Now the qualification is a bachelor's Degree or you have to have the strong Experience in email or marketing is very Easy I'm a data-driven analytical approach to Problem solving adherence to A and B are Multi-variable testing one to three more One to three years of marketing Experience in a professional setting Excellent written communication skills And exceptional work ethic and attention To details which includes editing and Proofreading skills and a passion for Marketing and helping kids and in the ID I bill candidate will have a working Knowledge of HTML CSS if you don't Understand that use Google as your Friend to Google this so you can Understand what they're asking And then an interest in Fallston Education and helping students succeed If this sounds like something that You're able to do then make for sure you Go ahead and apply today this is a great

Opportunity and you just don't want to Miss this opportunity so all you need to Do is go right here and hit the supply For this job right now again they are Hiring immediately you can actually Start working today I reached out to Hire manager if your paperwork process Go through you can actually start Working today but it's up to you or you Can start the following week so go ahead And jump on a wagon with these jobs that They are hiring immediately as well as Start working a day as well as these Companies they will train you so hop on These jobs today okay now keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but Again it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs Today not tomorrow not next week not Next month but today some of y'all are Looking at this job this description or Drop job wreck right now and saying hey I ain't qualified for this job I don't Know nothing about this and you're not Speaking life over yourself you're Speaking there from yourself the power Of the tongue determines life and death You got to say I got this even though I Don't know anything about email Marketing Specialists I'm going to go Out there and Google it I'm gonna

Understand it I'm gonna go watch some Videos to understand it and I'm gonna Apply for the job even though the job Says bachelor's degree that doesn't mean Don't be intimidated about it the job That I'm currently been on for like 11 Years I don't have a bachelor's degree I Don't think I have a certifications I Have a high school diploma and I have a Social degree but I was able to get the Job you got to have a can-do attitude or Willing mind a willing Spirit to go out There and grab what is yours don't limit Yourself I know it is a lot of people Out there that is searching for work From home job but if it's if what's Meant for you it's meant for you but you Have to have that mind it starts Everything starts in the mind you gotta Believe you have to believe that you Gonna get a job I know it takes time Y'all only some people it takes a year Some people took two years some people Can get a job within three four five Months they got a job but stop comparing Yourself to other people and stay in Your own life there is a time and season For everything your time is coming but You gotta believe okay you have to Believe if you don't believe guess what Nobody else will nobody else is going to Pat you on the back and tell you to keep Going to keep pushing a lot of people Think it's funny when you can't find a

Job when you're struggling you live a Paycheck to paycheck those are the type Of people you need to just move away Love them and distance and yes some of Them could be family members yeah I said It it could be family members they're Hating on you won't support nothing you Do won't listen to what you do those Type of people you gotta shake the dust Off of your feet and you gotta keep Going surround yourself around people That is have your best interests and People that are doing things it is Plenty of good people out there that Will encourage you uplift you Um be there for you when you need the Most what I realize people that you Don't know do more for you than people That you do let me repeat that again People you don't know do more for you Than people you do know and that is a Fact people that I don't know did more For me than people that I do know so I Can definitely say that but I'm going to Tell you keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but you got to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours today not Tomorrow not next week not next month But today go out there and grab what is Yours these jobs are moving just like This right before you know it they're

Gone so don't procrastinate take action Faith without works is dead okay so go Out there today and apply for these jobs Today okay now you know that I always Talk about Trying to help you out trying to better Yourself because people are struggling People are barely making it people it's People that talk to me they can they Don't even have money to put gas in Their car let alone they don't have Money to even get their car fixed to go On a job so they're looking for work From home jobs they're looking for ways To better their self this is for you if You've been sitting on a job for one to Five years and you're not getting a Raise this is for you if you are sitting On a job and you're wanting to work days And the boss is hiring people and they Working days and you working evening Shifts this is for you this is for you If you're a high school student a junior Or senior in high school you're Uncertain about what you want to do with Your life after you graduate from high School this is for you even if you have A job and you just want a change to Support you yourself or your family this Is yours this is for you this is with Course careers course careers is Training people to be a digital marketer A Information Technology a text cells Course careers have partnered with a lot

Of Fortune 500 companies are willing to Train course careers into an entry-level Position making anywhere between 60k to 100K a year and this can happen to you But you gotta stop procrastinating this Could change your life for the good this Is a self-paced course if you want to Watch the testimonies is people have Completed the course within a week okay It's up to you on how you commit to this Again it's online it's self-paced Um you can work from home after you Complete the course it is specifically Up to you but how you get started is you Sign up for the free introduction course In the introduction course it tells you All about digital marketing it tells you All about Information Technology it Tells you all about text sales and at That time you can decide if it's a good Fit if it's a good fit then stop Procrastinate take action okay faith Without works is dead so you gotta take That first move okay Then as you can see on the screen Technology sales there's more than 300 000 opening jobs and a lot of people say Well why do they have 300 000 opening Jobs and maybe a turnaround no it's not A turnaround the reason why they have More than 300 000 opening jobs is Because they cannot find people to be Trained correctly in Tech sales or Digital marketing or information

Technology that is why they partner with Course careers because dropping the Experience and the degree only for Course careers graduates and you are Guarantee a job it's people that before They 50 cents course they already got a Job make it over 80k a year and the Average salary for a tech sales is Between 60 to 80 a year they added Digital marketing digital marketing You're not on the phone there's more Than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary of 40 to 60k a year Information Technology you're not on the Phone there's more than 200 000 opening Jobs Average stock starting salary is 40 60k a year okay so these are some of the Students that actually went through the Course and they are working for top Companies and you just need to read Their testimonies there there's a full Video video where you can go and check It out on your own time there is a lot Of things that this don't give get you Pumped up that I don't know what will so Make sure you go ahead and check it out So if I was going to do information Technology I click on this here again it Says the course time is eight weeks but It is people that have completed it Booked in a week 200k job openings the Reason why job openings is because they Don't have the right people are trained Properly to do this job okay again

That's why they partnered with course Careers average salary is 40k you can Make anywhere between 40K to 100K join Information technology and these are the Best companies that are hiring I.T right Now as you can see scrolling down here Okay then when you go down a little bit Further It talks about the day in the life of a It you're going to respond to emails and Assign and accept any new tickets in the Queue then you work on tickets or any Projects you may have and then you Research difficult tickets or continue Working on long-term projects this is Another phone work at home job if you Don't want to be on the phone this is For you okay now when you go in here They do offer flexible education they Talk about who is this course is for you Know your background it talks about that You'll read that on your own time again Here is more testimonies that you can Look at this girl here was a dog walker Right here and she is making 85k a year as a tech sales role okay This can happen to you go and check out The testimony now the pricing is very Affordable you know when you go into a University a trade school a community College you're out of more money than This you're taking our loans Unfortunately everybody's not going to Get a full ride scholarship there's

Gonna be people that's going to get a Full ride scholarship there's going to Be people get a scholarship but it's not Going to be enough to pay for their Tuition and it's going to be people that Are not going to get a scholarship with Course careers you don't even have to Take out any loans okay you coming out Walking out with debt free it's people That I know that been out of school for 12 years and still paying on a loan here At course careers you do not have to Take out a loan they work with you you Can do a four payment plan of a hundred And fifty dollars Um you can either pay the one-time fee Of 499 dollars but if you use my coupon Code the rest of 50 you'll receive 50 Off the 499 there is no contract or Hitting fees along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee this is a great Opportunity y'all Um I had a subscriber that went to the Course and she graduated and she is Doing really great for herself so I'm Gonna post that information in my Community tab so you can check it out Um so it's just it asks her some courses If you need to but she went through the Courses I get that all the time have any Of your subscribers went through the Course yeah it's people that went Through the course and they are Successful in this field here so I

Wouldn't be sharing things if I don't Believe in this this is a great course For someone so stop procrastinate Take action today when you procrastinate It push you further behind to making a Living 60k to 100K you know stop Struggling take action you can't Complain about your situation if you Don't take action okay go out there and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs and taking these courses that I am Sharing with you okay this this could Change a lot of people's life it could Change your life it changed so many People's life in the past so again once You sign up you can go and start taking These cool horses a day remember the Channel is all about non-farm work at Home job these that go out every single Day at 7 A.M such a standard time Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and next to the Subscribe Button don't forget to click on the Bell To turn on your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunities to go ahead and apply For these jobs because these jobs move Just like this very very quickly okay so Also if you would like to support the Channel make sure you hit or to become a Member of the YouTube channel make sure You hit that button it says join there

Is a short video explaining the benefits Of becoming a member of the YouTube Channel shout out to everyone that is a Member of the YouTube channel check out Your community tab that is where I start Wishing everybody a happy birthday at The first of the month I post quotes Um I do post when people succeed uh Whether they get a job or finish course Careers or whatever the case may be I Show it in community in the communities Have so you can be aware of of this here Okay again keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with You you gotta believe if you don't Believe nobody else will so go out there Today not tomorrow not next week not Next month but go out there today and Apply for these jobs you got this keep Pushing and don't disqualify yourself Before you plot these jobs let the Company do it thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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